Delaware Nutrient Management Online Continuing Education

NEW: Starting April 14, 2020, you will be required to sign in to access the module quizzes with a registered email address to gain access. If you have completed any UD online continuing educational module prior to April 14, 2020, you should be able to log into additional module quizzes with the email we have on file. New users, please click the link below to register. Please register only one time, as duplicate entries into the system will cause an error with log in.  Please email if you have issues connecting to the system.

UD Online Nutrient Management Registration

Online education is now an option for those seeking to maintain their Delaware Nutrient Management Certification.  Online credits are offered on a variety of topics and you can take advantage of any online continuing education options you would like.  The number of credits you need and the length of your certification are based on your level of certification. Please review the chart below if you have any questions regarding how many credits you need, how long your certification period is and when your certification expires. Email for more information about Delaware Nutrient Management online continuing education.

Certification Level Certification Length Credits Needed During a
Certification Period
Month Certification Expires
Nutrient Generator 3 years 6 May
Private Nutrient Handler 3 years 6 May
Commercial Nutrient Handler 3 years 6 May
Nutrient Consultant 1 year 5 December

Each continuing education module is made up of a video or a fact sheet. After you view or read each module you will need to take the corresponding quiz. When you receive a score of 80% or higher on a quiz the assigned credit will be applied to your continuing education credit account.

Online Continuing Education Tips

  1. Credits do not carry over from one certification period to the next.
  2. New users (anyone accessing quizzes for the first time after April 14, 2020) will need to register to gain access to module quizzes.
  3. You can retake module quizzes up to 5 times. After 5 unsuccessful tries, you will be locked out of the quiz. Please email if you are unable to log into any quiz.
  4. You can only receive credit for a module once during a certification cycle.

To begin, click on the link for the module from the list below. You may also access the modules from a drop down menu under the “Continuing Education” menu option at the top of the page.

Module Category and Name Credits
General Nutrient Management and Water Quality
The Impact of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Agriculture on Delaware’s Water Quality 0.25
Nitrogen Cycling 0.25
The 4-Rs: Nitrogen Management for Sandy Loam Soils New April 2022 0.50
Cycling Soil Nitrogen: The Amazing Cover Crop – New April 2022 0.50
Stormwater Series, Part 1: Meadows 0.50
Stormwater Series, Part 2: Open Space Management 1.00
Agronomic Production
Nitrogen Management for Corn in Delaware: PSNT 0.50
Estimating Yield Goal for Crops 0.25
Fertility Management for Soybean 0.50
Legume Nitrogen Credits 1.00
Nitrogen Management and Phosphorus Drawdown Potential of Industrial Hemp – New April 2022 0.75
Manure Management
Temporary Field Storage of Poultry Litter 0.50
Litter, Litter Everywhere but Not a Ton to SpreadNew April 2022 0.50
Poultry Production
Avian Influenza Biosecurity 0.50
Avian Influenza Emergency Response 1.00
Water Quality Impacts on Broiler Production 0.25
Poultry Housing Tips: How to Minimize Litter Caking Issues at the Beginning of a Flock 0.25
Poultry Housing Tips: Minimizing Wet Litter Problems During Hot Weather  0.25
19 Spring Tune-Up Tips For Poultry Farm Generators and Electrical Systems – New April 2022 0.25
Litter Conditioning and Ammonia Generation During Brooding – New April 2022 0.75
Litter Quality and Broiler PerformanceNew April 2022 0.50
Poultry House Tightness Tips & Smoke Tracing to Identify Air Infiltration Leaks – New April 2022 0.50
Cold Weather Ventilation & Moisture Control of Poultry Houses – New April 2022 0.25
Managing Poultry Litter – New April 2022 0.50
Factors Contributing to Poultry House Structural Failures – New May 2022 0.50
Water Quality and Quantity Influence Flock Performance – New May 2022 0.50
Poultry Production and Heat Stress – New June 2022 0.50
Soil Sampling and Testing
Interpreting Soil Phosphorus and Potassium Tests 0.50
Soil Sampling and Testing 1.00
Soil Testing & Fertility Recommendations 1.00
Turfgrass Selection and Management
Turfgrass Fall Fertility 1.00
 Healthy Soil, Healthy Turf 1.00
Equine Management 
Rotational Grazing: When and How It Works 1.00
Best Management Practices for Equine Farms 1.00
Horse Stable Manure Management  1.50
Basic Pasture Management for the Equine Owner 1.00
Mud Management for the Horse Farm 0.50
Managing Horse Pasture During and After a Drought 0.25
Horse Manure on Pastures – New April 2022 1.00
Writing an Animal Waste Management Plan for Your Horse Farm – New April 2022 0.50
Top 5 Horse Pasture Management Tips – New April 2022 0.25
Forage Considerations for Easy Keepers – New April 2022 1.00

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