Welcome to the online News Flash!

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Dear 4-Hers,

Kaitlin and I are very excited to finally roll out the new and improved 4-H News Flash. We hope you are able to navigate the page with ease.

This e-version is now replaces the PDF version you have been used to.  By being online,  our 4-H news is immediately available to you! This will be helpful on getting a heads up on date-sensitive events and deadlines. No long upload times-and you can easily print the 4-H posts that interest you the most. However, unlike the PDF version which was published after all the news is reported and collected, the e-version is a fluid, live version which publishes the stories as they come into the 4-H office. So, please check back often to read the updates!

Look to the left and right sidebars for the latest posts, breaking news or announcements!

Another advantage to the newsletter blog are the active hyperlinks to forms and pictures!

And guess what? Now you can share a particular blog post or article on the social network of your choice! 4-H members, leaders and parents can now help the 4-H office promote our individual and group 4-H accomplishments! So, if you are connected on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, or any other social network platform, please feel free to share a The News Flash post, article or photo. This is a terrific opportunity to let others outside our 4-H community see the great things we do and also recruit new families to join 4-H!

Assisting you with reading this newsletter are general categories shown on the right sidebar. Use the drop down to narrow your search. Underneath these are newsletter topics or “tags” which will help readers find more specific searches. At the end of every month, all posts published will be archived under that same month. Please use the search bar to search for something very specific, like a member name, club name or specific project area.

Best of all is the Search box! As we grow content, try searching for your name and see all the events you have participated in. Type in any keyword, and any article that mentions that name or keyword will appear! It is so easy to find anything!

Thank you for reading The News Flash and for your interest and participation in New Castle County 4-H Youth Development program!

Yours in 4-H,
Mallory Vogl
4-H Extension Agent