State Fair Reminders (Schedule)

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You’ve already registered your entries in the State Fair, right?

If not, you have until 11:59 pm on JUNE 1.

We still need LOTS of volunteers to help with all aspects of the Fair! From set-up to tear down, as hosts and hostesses, helping to judge or with the displays…. Please consider signing up! 

Contact Serena and she’ll help get you signed up! 

Here’s the schedule for 4-H at the Fair:

July 11- Fair Set Up Day
  • Volunteer to help out!  Sign up HERE
July 15- Entries due to NCC Office by 3 pm if you need us to take down for you (everything except Foods/ Vegetables/Gardening).
  • * Please try to coordinate with your club to take your entries down and bring them back up. We can take some down, but nothing that is large. If you are worried about your exhibit breaking or otherwise, we encourage you to take it down yourself. 
  • If you drop your exhibit off to the office to be taken down to the Fair, the office will have your Fair pass to be picked up a day or two after the 18th. Please email Serena to see if they’re in before coming. 
July 18- Entries due to the Fair between 3-6 pm (everything except Foods/ Vegetables/Gardening).
  • If you or your club is delivering exhibits to the Fair, please do so between the above times. You will receive your Fair passes when you drop off your exhibit. If your club drops them off, see your club leader for your pass.
July 20- Foods/Vegetables/Gardening Exhibits due to NCC Office by 3 pm if you need us to take them down.
July 21- Foods/Vegetables/Gardening Exhibits due to the Fair between 8:30 am- 11 am. 
July 27- Cut Flower Exhibits due to the Fair between 10-12
  • Office staff will NOT be taking any cut flower exhibits down
July 31- Fair Clean up
  • Volunteer to help out! Sign up HERE
  • Please pick up your exhibits between 8 am-noon
  • The office staff will bring back any exhibits they took down. Any other exhibits left behind will try to find their way back to the office and we are generally very successful, but if your exhibit is valuable to you, please make sure to arrange for it to be picked up as we can make no guarantees. 
See the 4-H State Fair Newsletter for details on everything you need to know about 4-H at the Fair! 
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