State Camp Wrap Up

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State 4-H Camp was a huge success this year. The following campers received H’s, Spirit, Globe Bearer, and ribbon girl for both first and second week. We have also listed the 2017 Voice and Echo’s for both week. Congratulations to all campers!

First Week Honor’s:

Head: Madison Smith
Heart: Nathaniel Vincent
Hands: Colleen Anderson
Health: Shawn Mitchell
Spirit: Andrew Shaffer
Globe Bearer: Demetreus Moutzalias
Ribbon Girl: Jasmine Simmons

Second Week Honor’s:

Head: Brett Clark
Heart: Logan Rash
Hands: Hannah O’Hara
Health: Brandon Conrad
Spirit: Jackson Sylvester
Globe Bearer: Austin Weldon
Robbin Girl: Kayla Cottman

Voices and Echos for 1st and 2nd week:

1st Week:

Turtle Group:

Voice- Colleen Anderson

Echo- Jarrett Williams

Moon & Star Group:

Voice- Andrew Shaffer

Echo- Patrick Trunfio

Thunderbird Group:

Voice- Nathaniel Vincent

Echo- Aubrey Lonski

Bear Group:

Voice- Paige Vincent

Echo- Jacob Hopkins

2nd Week:

Turtle Group:

Voice- Jackson Sylvester

Echo- Brandon Patrick

Moon & Star Group:

Voice- Deanna Maloney

Echo- Brendan Conrad

Thunderbird Group:

Voice- Logan Rash

Echo- Lida Gannon

Bear Group:

Voice- Ryan Harrington

Echo- Lena Berry