Reporter’s Corner: Keeping up with the Clubs

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Summit Bridge Club

In January, the Summit Bridge Club had an amazing turnout for the first meeting of the year. The pledges were led by Liam O’Hop and Parker Hickey. They both did an amazing job, so a big pat on the back to them! The club received a report from the Salvation Army Bucket Leader, who collects the money from the buckets of the seasonal bell ringers. He said the balance collected from his buckets was one of the highest donation amounts in the last 27 years. That total was $20,994.80.  We also talked about ways to be active for 60 minutes a day and about the Favorite Foods contest and food judging. Those that had participated in the contest in the past gave some details about what it is all about and some helpful hints to those who were interested in participating this year.

Clover Quest

This month’s meeting was a winter wonderland! Veronica and Miriam Kogut led the pledges. Miss Blaky, our club leader, reminded us about the favorite food contest. Then we split up and played games. The teens are learning and working on Consumer bowl. Miriam Kogut provided snacks and a presentation on herbs.  Using what we learned, we made lavender bath salt and ate a snack filled with tasty herbs. Miriam even made a tea with herbs. Thank you Miriam for this fun filled activity and delicious snack! Then Kyle Merritt closed the meeting.

clover quest 2-1clover quest 2-2