Public Speaking Contest Results

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Wow!   is the best way to sum up the New Castle County Public Speaking event held on Wednesday, November 28. The judges and audience were amazed at the awesome presentations. The speakers captivated and held the attention of the judges and audience with the content of their speeches. The presentations were superbly researched, splendidly written, and well rehearsed. Good luck to the champions who will be presenting at the Delaware State Fair, and kudos to the following participants:


Cloverbud Division

Evelyn Witte, Porter Gang   Wee Willie Winkie


Beginner I Division

Champion:  Alexis Wolff, St. Ann’s School 4-H Club   Why Pigs Rule

Honorable Mention:  Abby Cochrane, Porter Gang   Dolphins


Beginner II Division

Champion:  Liam Aber, Holy Angels 4-H Club   Trash to Treasure

Honorable Mention:  Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann School 4-H Club   Save the Turtles


Junior Division

Champion:  Melanie Witte, Porter Gang   Bullied!  Me Too!  How about You?


Senior Division

Champion:  Therese Owens, Clover Quest   The 4-H’s to Becoming a Good Feminist


Finally, thank you to the volunteers who served as judges Marian and Todd Harvey, Hannah White, and Bethany Killmon, as well as the 4-H volunteer who organizes the event, Sarah Berninger.