Photography Contest

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New Castle County’s Photography Contest will be held in conjunction with the Favorite Foods Contest.  All photographs must be submitted to the county office by January 23, 2023.  They may be turned in at the Leaders’ or Jr Council Meeting on the 23rd.

All photographs must be mounted on heavy cardstock, poster board, mount board, or mat board.  Do Not use foam board or construction paper.  Each photograph must have a label indicating the Contestant’s age, Class Number, Camera Type, Camera Brand, and Camera Model and cannot exceed 6″ X 8″ in size.

Photographs can be submitted in the following categories:


1. People

2. Creature

3. Landscape

4. Marinescape

5. Building

6. Action

7. Close Up

8. Special Effects

9. Composition: depth of field, backlighting, lines, or shapes

10. Sunrise/Sunset

11. Plants/Flowers

12. Still Life

13. Delaware History with Title

14. Black and White

15. The Delaware State Fair

16. Patriotism