New Castle County 4-H Spotlight Leaders

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Organizational Leader: Brenda Shaffer

Club: Summit Bridge

Mrs. Shaffer is currently the organizational leader of the Summit Bridge 4-H club. She has been a 4-H leader for 23 years. Mrs. Shaffer also serves as Ag Day Chairman, and is President of the NCC Links. Growing up, Mrs. Shaffer was a 4-H’er in several clubs over 10 years. Her projects included Foods, Clothing and the Fashion Revue Project.

Mrs. Shaffer wanted to be a 4-H leader because she enjoys working with 4-Hers! She says it is very exciting to see her club growing and becoming more involved in their community.  Her kids were all in 4-H, so helping out as a leader was something she found very satisfying and fun.

Some advice she has about being a 4-H leader is to be prepared to learn more than you teach!  Be sure to explain everything to new members because it can be overwhelming.

A fun fact— Mr. Shaffer and Mrs. Shaffer met as camp counselors!