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Activities for Youth Grades K-12

Virtual Farm Tours While You’re Stuck at Home

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Answer the questions below as you view this virtual fieldtrip. Enjoy!
1. What are three examples of foods that can be made from the milk harvested at dairy farms?
2. How many cows does it take to support a farm family?
3. How many acres is this farm?
4. How many times a day are the cows milked at this farm?
5. What is the mother’s first milk called, and shy is it important for a calf?
6. What is the age that dairy heifers are bred?
7. Why are calves dehorned?
8. What happens to the male offspring that are sold?
9. Describe how the teats are cleaned before milking.
10. How long does it take to milk a cow typically?
11. How often are the milk bulk tanks emptied at the farm?
12. How often do cows have babies? Why is this important?
13. Describe how the cows are fed.
14. Describe how the manure is used at the farm.
15. Explain the different between whole, 2% and 1% milk.