Links Grant Application

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New Castle County 4-H Links
2023 Grant Program

The NCC 4-H Links is a service organization supporting the 4-H program. We are proud to present grant opportunities of up to $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a club. These grants will be offered twice a year, in May and November, to assist with special 4-H projects. A grant could be used for a club project or a community service project, supplies for an Ag Day booth or much more. We encourage you to be creative!
Applications for the first set of grants are due Friday, November 10, 2023. The will be reviewed and awarded at the discretion of the NCC 4-H Links. You will be notified once a decision has been made.
Please submit all applications to the 4-H Office.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Mail applications to:

NCC 4-H Links

Cooperative Extension

461 Wyoming Rd.

Newark, 19716

or email to Serena at