Letter to DE 4-H Families

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Letter to DE 4-H Families

Dear Delaware 4-H Family,

As we begin a third full week in a state, country and world, realigned and focused on a public health crisis unlike any other, those of us on your 4-H staff felt it important to share our plans for increased
connections in order to better navigate the days and weeks ahead, together.

First of all, we value your safety and that of your loved ones more than anything else and understand many of the challenges you are facing in this new normal along with the anxiety that comes with it.
Please know, that any anxieties you may be experiencing are also being experienced by many of us on staff. We will get through this difficult time together and be stronger for it.

In the coming days, Delaware 4-H will be starting to share opportunities for our volunteers and youth, to participate more broadly in various areas of online learning. These opportunities will
include refreshers on 4-H policies and best practices to educational training and models designed to assist members and leaders at the club, county and state levels. Many of you are aware of the Essential Elements of 4-H. While individually important, each element: belonging, independence, generosity and mastery; when combined, aptly fit the current times we are in and sets a table from which all of us can share collectively.

As new information and educational tools are released in the days and weeks ahead, please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions you may have. Together we are turning a new page and the chapters that await, are ones we hope bring fulfillment and knowledge to all in the Delaware 4-H family who wish to learn by doing. A link below will take you to some more background on our Essential Elements which even if you are familiar, we hope you will take some time to review.
Thank you for reading this letter and please be well and safe as we look forward to new connections with you in the weeks ahead.

Yours in 4-H,
C. Douglas Crouse, State 4-H Program Leader