Last call for Demo Contests (if using PowerPoint)

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The county 4-H Virtual Demonstration Contest will follow the guidelines and categories already in place. You can find them HERE.

The contest dates for this year’s demonstration will be June 16th and June 18th.

Please register for the virtual demonstration contest by following this link:

** IF YOU ALREADY REGISTERED BEFORE WE CLOSED, YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED. Please contact Kaitlin if you have any questions.

You will be given the date and time assigned for your presentation. Closer to the demonstration date, you will receive a reminder email along with a zoom link and zoom password.

If you plan on using a powerpoint presentation, you will be asked in the registration form. These may be sent to the county office, and the county educator will share it during your presentation. If you prefer to share your own powerpoint, you may do so. The deadline to submit powerpoints, if you choose to do so, will be Friday, June 5. Please email your powerpoint to:

We will be using the waiting room option, so once you connect, please wait until you are admitted into the zoom room.

4-Hers will be permitted to have a “stand-in” helper to assist with tasks that are needed for the demonstration. For example, a parent may hold or flip poster boards (unless you have an easel). In a team demonstration, a stand-in may help with a task that your team member would normally do. The stand-in may not talk or prompt the 4-Her during the demonstration. If you have any specific questions about your demonstration, and need help, please contact your county 4-H educator for help.

For team demonstrations, please be sure that each team member has the necessary materials and supplies to present their portion of the demonstration.

There are some helpful tips and suggestions below.

We recommend you review the tips below, which includes creating a free zoom account for practice. Checking your sound, microphone and video are important skills to practice prior to your demonstration. If you need technical assistance to participate in this event, please contact Kaitlin or Serena for individual help.

We want every 4-Her to have the opportunity to participate.

Youth will present at home using the virtual meeting platform using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Youth are encouraged to log in 15-minutes in advance to ensure their webcam, mic, and speakers are working.