Judging Results

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Four Stump Corner 4-Hers participated in the Clothing and Textile Showcase, held at Lake Forest High School on April 22.

All their hard work paid off- each earned a blue ribbon in the Beginner Clothing Construction Category.  Emily Campbell was chosen the NCC Champion. They also competed in the Clothing Judging, Junior Division.  The results are below:

Clothing Showcase

Emily Campbell- Blue- NCC Champion

Katie Campbell- Blue

Caitlin Dooling- Blue

Ella Vandervort- Blue

Clothing Judging

Junior Division

 1. Caitlin Dooling- Stump Corner

2. Emily Campbell- Stump Corner

3. Katie Campbell- Stump Corner

4. Ella Vandervort- Stump Corner

We’re proud of our NCC 4-Hers for taking an interest in this competition and for what a great job they did! Well done!


In other Judging news:

Here are the results of the Horticulture and Woodworking Judging:

Horticulture Judging

Senior Division

1. Eason Li- Order of the Phoenix

2. Andrew Shaffer- Summit Bridge

3. Zeke Dichiaro- C-3

4. Matthew Trunfio- Stump Corner

Woodworking Judging

1. Andrew Shaffer- Summit Bridge