Join the DE 4-H STEAM Team!

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The STEAM Team is here to provide lessons, activities, curriculum support for Delaware teachers, leaders, afterschool programs and 4-H communities. Our overall goal is to teach youth leadership skills and STEAM-themed topics to bring back to their communities. 


Joining the STEAM Team means you are a youth interested in becoming a STEAM Ambassador—learning STEAM-themed lessons to take back to your youth group, school or community. You, the “STEAM Ambassador,” will lead by teaching a STEAM-based lesson/activity to others!

Twila is your point of contact. She will guide you through becoming a STEAM Ambassador. Get you set up with lesson topics and materials and guide you through the process of taking on the role of a leader in STEAM education. 

STEAM Ambassadors will meet on Zoom with Twila,  learn a STEAM topic and bring it back to their youth groups, schools and communities!


Parents, grandparents, college students, high school seniors — We need you!

This STEAM Team is developed to get our Delaware youth thinking innovatively, we need youth to use their talents, and develop their intelligence working collaboratively. Are you someone who is interested in positively impacting our youth and community?

Volunteers are crucial to this program. You do not need a background in STEAM to be part of this experience. On the STEAM TEAM, youth drive their learning while volunteers offer support and guidance. If you are interested please fill in the Form linked below and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Volunteers are still needed for the same reason: Adults wanting to interact with youth and share their love for STEAM education. Volunteers will attend the same STEAM Team Ambassadors Zoom and learn a STEAM topic to take back and teach to their schools and communities.