How Does Volunteering Benefit Youth?

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April is Volunteer Month! We encourage all 4-H families to find a service project and help their community! According to National 4‑H Council, civic engagement programs empower young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world. 4-H members take part in a variety of civic activities through participation in club, county, state and national events. Members learn how easy it can be to help others while having fun and gaining important life skills.

Here are ways volunteering can benefit youth:

· Make a Difference – Volunteering can help young people make a positive impact on their community and other people.

· Learn New Skills – Volunteering can help people learn skills and get hands-on experiences that could help them in the future.

· Gain Self-Confidence – By volunteering, youth can feel confident that their efforts of helping and communicating with others are making a positive impact.

· Meet New People – Volunteering can help youth be exposed to a diverse group of people of all ages. These new relationships can lead to new friendships and mentors.

· Achieve Goals – Youth can challenge themselves to meet personal goals and might even uncover hidden talents

· Have Fun – Youth will find that many types of volunteer activities can be very enjoyable

No matter where and when youth volunteer, they will learn new skills and enjoy their time helping a variety of people. For community service ideas and opportunities for your 4-H member, please visit the Volunteering page on the Delaware 4-H website.