Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy Saving Tips


How to SAVE for the special WANT item:

  • Set aside a percentage of all money received in a container marked “Savings for a ……”
  • Make a list of items you think you really want and make note of the price range for each item.

   For instance:

   🛹 Skateboard  $90 – $130

    🚲Bicycle     $100 – $130

    🛴Scooter $50 – $100

  • Look over the list often and ask yourself, “Do I still want that item?”  If so, keep it on the list; if not, cross off the item.
  • Once you decide what item you want, put a picture of the item on your saving container, on a mirror, on your computer–any place where you will see the picture often to remind you of your goal.  Also, put a small picture in your wallet.
  • Keep adding to your “Savings for a …”; and keep asking yourself “Do I still want that item?”
  • Watch ads for sales, check out garage sales and estate sales.

When you have found the item at the best price possible and you have enough money saved, go ahead and award yourself and buy the item. 👍

🤔 Did you know that …   ?   

The United States paper money is composed of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen.  This is the reason paper money does not dissolve in the washer.