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Crafts Using Recyclables

Earth Day was celebrated in April.  However, everyday we should be conscious of our environment.  Below are three different recycling projects based on skill level that will help to protect our Earth and that can be entered into the Delaware State Fair.  

When submitting a craft made out of recyclables into the Delaware State Fair, a tag must be attached to the project explaining what recycled materials were used and what impact it has.  For example, paper towel cardboard tubes were used to make this project.  Instead of the tubes going to the landfill, they were used to make a piece of art for my bedroom.   


For the Cloverbuds:  Frozen Juice Container Recycled into a Holder 



Frozen lemonade (or any flavor) frozen juice container

Soap and water


Scrap piece of paper, wrapping paper, or material

Crayons, coloring pencils, or markers if designing cover




Enjoy lemonade made from the frozen lemonade.  

Wash out the container and let dry.  

Cover the container with a piece of scrap paper decorated by you or a leftover piece of wrapping paper or material. 

Fill will coloring pencils, markers, scissors, etc. 


For the Younger Members:  Cardboard Tube Wall Art


Cardboard tubes





Paint brushes


Unused Frame (optional)



Collect cardboard tubes from paper towels, etc.   

Mark the tubes into 1 inch sections and cut into rings..  

Decide on a design.    

Shape your rings to create your design. 

Take a picture of your design after you have perfected it.  

Paint each ring inside and out based on your design.

Let rings dry thoroughly.

Glue pieces together using the picture you took as a guide.

Hang and enjoy.


Additional Directions if using a frame (optional)

Cut your rings the same depth as the frame.

Place the pieces inside the frame as you shape them and create your design. 

Glue any pieces that touch the frame to the frame after painting.

You do not have to use the glass.  A picture frame with a broken glass is a perfect reason to recycle the frame.


A suggested website for some design ideas:


For the older members:  Recycled Aluminum Can Lanterns


Soda cans (with tabs still attached)

Soap and Water

Tape (electrical works well)


Pen or marker


Exacto knife or utility knife

Battery operated tea lights

Twine, cord, etc.



Wash empty cans with soap and water and rinse.

Wrap tape around the top edge and bottom edge of the cans.  (The edges of the tape will serve as cutting guides for starting and ending the cut strips.)

Make marks about 1 cm apart around the cans or on the tape to indicate where to cut the strips.  

Fill the cans with water to about ½ inch from the top and freeze.  (The headroom allows for expansion. The frozen water supports the can during cutting.)

Remove one frozen can of water at a time and place on a towel to catch melting water.  

Using the marks made as guides, cut from the bottom edge of the tape wrapped at the top of the can down to the top edge of the tape wrapped at the bottom of the can using a ruler to help draw straight lines.  

Using both hands, carefully compact the cans slightly making sure the strips protrude outwards forming a lantern shape.

String lanterns onto the twine using the tab as a hook and knot at desired location on twine..

Turn on the tea lights and slide inside the lanterns.


(The cans can be painted with spray paint if desired.)