Craft Corner

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Try this fall themed craft!

Here is a fast and easy way to make a beautiful arrangement for fall. These toilet paper roll pumpkins are fun to make!

Items needed
15″ by 15″ square of material (fall colors in both solids and prints work well)
Roll of toilet paper
Piece of batting long enough to go around toilet paper roll
2 brown pipe cleaners
2 green pipe cleaners
1 brown paper lunch sack

1. Put batting around toilet paper roll.
2. Lay material wrong side up on work surface.
3. Place roll of toilet paper in center of material.
4. Starting with any corner, pull material up around toilet paper roll and tuck into center of roll.
5. Continue to tuck material into roll until all material is tucked.
6. Fold brown paper lunch sack in half.
7. Roll the lunch sack until it looks like a stem. Tuck it into the roll of toilet paper where you put material.
8. Curl pipe cleaners on a pencil.
9. Tuck pipe cleaners into toilet paper roll around lunch sack so that they look like vines.
10. Make several using different materials and have a pumpkin patch you can admire year round! To make it look more real, place leaves around pumpkin bottoms and tuck one or two into toilet paper roll.