Community Service Opportunities

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Food Bank Gardens – The DE Food Bank in Milford and Newark are looking for a group that would take “ownership” of caring for the gardens each week as a volunteer activity.  Our Farm Manager would lay out tasks that need to be completed and our Volunteer Coordinator would let the group know what those items are.  Once things were rolling, we assume there would be less need for our Farm Manager to direct, as the group would have a good idea of what needs to be done.  It would be things like regular garden maintenance, weeding, pruning and general care.

Delaware Volunteer Credit (DVC) is one elective credit used towards graduation. Students who complete 90 hours of community service over 2 semesters during their entire high school career are eligible to receive this credit. If you have been volunteering, you may have already fulfilled the requirements to receive this credit as well as a certificate of appreciation signed by the Governor and the Department of Education Secretary!