Club Spotlight

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St. Anne’s 4-H Club

St. Ann 4-H Club is finishing our 3rd year as a club. We meet as an afterschool 4-H club at St. Ann’s School.

Until COVID, we had a nice spot in the art room. When the school went to virtual last spring so did we, meeting weekly instead of monthly. Even though the students have been in school since September, there have been no after school activities allowed so we continued to meet via Zoom. We finally met in person for the first time in March.

We started the Mars Base Camp STEM kit. Landing on Mars with the wind blowing took some creative thinking!  We built our Mars Rovers outside and we were successful. They all took off down the sidewalk at quite a fast pace. Over the school’s Spring Break, the 4-Hers met twice to paint our litter barrel for the litter barrel contest. Our club also has youth who participate in public speaking, demonstrations, Favorite Foods, science workshops, fair entries, younger member overnighters, day camps and more!

We are glad to be back to meeting monthly at the school and look forward to what is up and coming!