Club Reports

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Kindness Matters Club

The Kindness Matters Club has been BUSY in the short time they’ve been a club!

Making snack bag and drink for the UD Players and other 4-H clubs for UD game as part of learning about positive affirmations.

We worked on our Pets lesson. We had a field trip to Petsmart. The Petsmart worker taught us so much. Her name was Ms. Jill and she is a student at UD.

For Valentine’s Day, we made giant Valentines along with rice krispie treats and delivered them to an animal shelter, Delaware Hospice Center, and 3 nursing homes.  We had such a fun time putting smiles on faces.  At the shelter, we read Valentine stories to the cats and even made them cool cat toys out of recycled things.

Holy Angels

children using stethoscopes

For February, women’s heart disease month, we made stethoscopes from funnels, tubing, and balloons.  We had a real stethoscope, too, because we had to be really quiet and concentrate on the homemade ones..SO we listened to the real one to know what we were supposed to hear.  We also learned how to count the beats and take our pulses.  We checked our heartbeats before and after doing jumping jacks.  We also learned what a healthy number of beats is for our age.