Club Reports

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Porter Gang

During the month’s meeting, we had a pizza party with hot chocolate, cookies and with crafts. Some of the crafts including shell painting and making snowman soup.

Old Business

  • The final date to enroll for 4-H was December 1st, 2023. After this date you can no longer enroll. (This excludes newer members looking to join.)
  • Environmental Science/Exploring was November 18th.
  • The Public Speaking contest was the 28th of November. Two people from our club attended and earned champion!
  • The application to sign up for National 4-H was due to the 30th of November

New Business 

  • Winter Fun Day – December 9th, 10 AM – 12 PM. You will be making crafts and making food this day!
  • Jr. Council C3 Christmas Party – December 11, @6:30 PM
  • Office Closed – December 22nd to the 2nd of January
  • C3 Meeting (13+) – January 8th @6:30

4-H Events

  • Walking through holiday – December 22nd
  • Ice Skating – December 22nd, 6 PM – 8 PM

Our next meeting is January 9th, 2024

Holy Angels

At our December meeting, we wrote Christmas Cards for The VA and  the Nursing Home. Then we painted snowman Christmas ornaments.  Last of all, we had gingerbread man racing.  To do that, we decorated gingerbread men, put a piece of straw on the back and raced them on strings.  We wanted to race them more, but we ran out of time!  We also brought in things for the 4-H office Christmas tree.

Kindness Matters 4-H Club

One of our newest clubs hit the ground running!

We are off to a great start to end the 2023 year!  Attached are some pictures of our first club meeting where we completed our Exploring 4-H lesson.  We then did 2 events.  The first was to fill Kongs for the Cecil County Animal Shelter and the second was to sing Christmas Carols in a neighborhood and to the Elkton Police.  We also gave cookies and thanked the police for all they do.