Club Reports

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Holy Angels


In 4-H on October 13th we made fortune tellers about the Red Ribbon and the Drug prevention awareness, as well as retaking some of the pictures of our leaf project. We also took close-up pictures of flowers. For snack we had a Chex Mix with melocreme pumpkin candy.

Reporter: Yoliett Ramirez

Porter Gang

During this month’s meeting, elections were held. Here are our new 2023-2024 officers:

President – Melanie Witte

Vice President -Brogan Raughloy

Secretary – Evelyn Witte

Treasurer – Colby Lockridge

Reporter – Julianna Wright

Song Leader – Viv Martin

Healthy Living – Dakota Louden

Along with the new elections, we also made healthy living posters. The posters can be submitted during the state fair to win prizes.

Junior Council

The third meeting of the NCC Jr Council progressed smoothly. Our meeting comprised planning for county events over the next several months. The annual Winter Fun Day and Jr Leader Weekend are fast approaching. Expect fun times of winter games, crafts, and activities before enjoying an exciting lockdown during the Jr Leader Weekend. We greatly encouraged NCC 4-Hers 13 and older to consider attending our monthly meetings. The leadership and professional skills learned are valuable. All required is attendance and a willingness to volunteer and help lead our fellow 4-Hers. Our next meeting will be on November 27th at 7 p.m. All 13 or older 4-Hers feel welcome to attend. 

Dates to remember: 

Winter Fun Day: December 9th, 10 am-12 pm at the NCC Extension Office

Jr Leader Weekend: January 12th – 14th at the NCC Extension Office