Club Reports

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Holy Angels

We had our first meeting and we wrote Halloween cards to soldiers.  We also took pictures of falling leaves by throwing them up in the air and getting our picture taken while we did it..  We now have Waverly as our president , Helen as our Vice President and Paloma as our Secretary.  

A message from Liam Aber, Holy Angels Club Member:

Hello, my name is Liam Aber, and I am a part of the Holy Angels  4-H Club.  I am doing a project for my   4-H Citizenship Project, in which I would like to place boxes in various places for people to put worn out United States Flags.  I will then take them to a VFW for proper flag disposal.

 If members bring their worn flags to their 4-H club meetings, I can pick them up.

If you would like, I can do a few things in return.  I could give a talk/demo about flag etiquette.  I could also give a demonstration and teach members how to properly fold a flag.  Now, how am I qualified for this you may ask? I went to a training camp over the summer with the Civil Air Patrol.  At this camp we were trained by United States Air Force Honor Guardsmen on flag etiquette and flag folding, and other Honor Guard related things.

Please take this into consideration.

Thank You,

Liam Aber