Club Reports

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Holy Angels

On Friday December 9, 2022, the president, Sophia, went over the activities that went on in the month of November. There was a Public Speaking Contest in which Waverley won a blue ribbon. The activities going on in the month of December are Wreaths Across America and Bell Ringing. The first thing we did was make Christmas cards for the Nursing Home.   After that, we made snow globes. Inside the snow globes were a small Christmas tree, a snowman or a gnome, and some glitter for the snow.  After that, we learned how to make a Christmas tree out of a cloth or paper napkin. Our snack was a reindeer made out of a rice crispy treat. The toppings were two pretzels for the antlers, a M&M as the nose, and two candy eyeballs for the eyes. Then, we packed up and went home. 

Melody Kamau