Club Reports

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Holy Angels Club

We ended our year matting some of the pictures we had taken in our meetings. They will be hung in the school to show others what we have been doing this year. Elena and Holden did the refreshments- Elena fixed them and Holden taste tested them.  They made “cars” from apple slices, pretzel sticks and marshmallows. We also made rings from dollar bills.


Quinn, Liam, Tony, Daniel, and Skylar went to the Legislative Day in Dover and learned lots of fun facts about the building and what happens there.   

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club went on its first outing in May. The fish were really biting! The club is enjoying the new sport they’ve learned, being active and getting outdoors.












The College School

Members of the College School Club took an afternoon to learn some sewing skills. They made beanbags and had a great time!