Club Reports

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Holy Angels Club

January 11, 2019  Today was another great day at the 4-H club at Holy Angels School. Today, we made some Valentine’s Day cards for the people at the nursing home. Our snack today was Snowy Snack Mix, which was made by Tony and Daniel. As a craft for today’s meeting, we made catapults.

When we finished, we had a tournament to see who’s was the best. Since we had four fourth graders, four fifth graders, and two sixth graders on our attendance, we had an even win. In our fourth grade competition, Holden won. In our fifth grade competition, Tony won. And finally, in our sixth grade competition, Quinn won. After that, we all went outside to take some photos of trees. We are making a project where every season, we take a picture of a tree, and when we put all of the pictures together, we will watch how the tree changes in the seasons.

We had a great meeting today, and I hope that the next one will go just as well.

– Shannon Craig, 4-H reporter

In our January 25th meeting, we made woodpecker feeders, using a drill press to make the holes. Then we screwed on a roof. Skylar and Liam made pudding cup dirt for our snack.