Club Reports

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Holy Angels Club

In March, we made place cards for Newark Manor for Easter.  Elena and Shannon made an Easter snack from chocolate, pretzels and Easter candy. We also worked on the photography project some more. The first meeting in April, Liam and Daniel made “indoor  s’mores” for the snack. We went outside for some pictures of things around the school. We also tried  “recycling bowling ” in honor of Earth Day coming up but the windy weather kept bowling over our soda bottle pins. We spent more time chasing the ball!


Stump Corner

Katie Campbell and Ella Vandervort  showed off their design and sewing skills in the Kent County Clothing Showcase. Great job!

Summit Bridge

Summit Bridge members, Vivian and Ben Carter, along with Nicholas Ruggeri and Emerson and Owen Hickey are pictured at their Ag Day display, “Backyard Exploring”. This interactive exhibit focused on different bugs that can be found in backyards and the role they play.