Club Reports

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Heavenly Hooves 

Sarah Brown, winner of the 2017 Horse of the Year Contest, recently received this model replica of her horse Bree, donated by Peter Stone of Stone Model Horse Company. Sarah wrote an essay about this horse and was named the state winner. She has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of her model horse. Congratulations Sarah!

Holy Angels 4-H Club

In our February meetings, we are working on Photography.   Since we were making Valentine cards for Newark Manor Nursing Home, we had lots of hearts.  We used these to make piles of hearts and take pictures of them as “composition” pictures. We also worked with light and shadows, took “still life” pictures and close-ups of an orchid.    Sophia and Shannon did a demonstration on making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Liam showed an old demonstration on entomology.  How about a demonstration on making snowmen from pretzels and marshmallows?  Quinn and Mary made some great snowmen that tasted good, too.

Porter Gang

Melanie Witte, 4-H member of the Porter Gang 4-H Club, conducted a “Soap Drive” to help eradicate cholera in Haiti. Soap is not afford- able to many families in Haiti, and as a result, many children die of cholera. She recently shipped 450 bars of soap. Great job on your service project Melanie!

Stump Corner

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many animals were being relocated to our local shelters. To help our local shelters support these in-coming animals, members from Stump Corner 4-H Club in Townsend took it upon themselves to create a donation box and gather donations of all kinds. They created a box which was then located at Tractor Supply in Middletown. After the Christmas season they gathered up all the donations and took them to the Brandywine Valley SPCA shelter. The group was amazed at the generosity of the local community. The box was overflowing with items. The shelter was ecstatic to receive the donations and upon arrival made use of several of them right away.



Summit Bridge

Summit Bridge 4H’s meeting, was filled with activities that showed support for our community. Members brought in items for Blessing Bags such as socks, snacks first aid kits, tissues, toothbrush, and trash bags for rain protection. We prepared the blessing bags for homeless and community members that are in need. We also wrote thank you notes to veterans and active members of the military to show our appreciation for their service. It was a fun time where we showed larger service for our community.