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Summit Bridge Club

First meeting of 2019-2020 : New officers elected

September 11, 2019 was the Summit Bridge chapter’s first meeting of the new year. Today we discussed upcoming events, new and old business, and elected a new panel of officers for the new year. The new 2019-2020 officers are the following:

President: Nicholas Ruggeri

Co-Vice Presidents: Emerson Hickey and Jacob Green

Secretary: Gianna Ruggeri

Treasurer: Elijah Roberts

Reporter: Micaela Pennachi

Community service officers: Chase Pugh and Owen Hickey

Healthy living officers: Stacy Robinson and Benjamin Carter

Summit Bridge 4-H Chapter Window display

A handful of members gathered at Mrs. Brenda’s house to collaborate and design our window display which was displayed at Southern States. The saying the group decided on was “Fall in to 4-H”.

With this theme we had a hayride that moved around in a circle on a track. We also had a tree with fall colored leaves and the branches had different examples of opportunities that are available with  4-H.

October 9 Campfire and Second Meeting at the Hickey’s 

Today’s meeting was led by the new officers for 2019-2020. We discussed new and old business, shared about past events such as awards, window display, and the Light the Night Walk at A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. We then talked about fundraising ideas, including creating a veterans and 4-H design to put on magnets and/or stickers and sell them at local stores. This would benefit both our Summit Bridge 4-H chapter and the soldiers in the military by splitting the profit. After the meeting was adjourned, we roasted marshmallows, played games, and had a pumpkin relay race.

Micaela Pennachi (Reporter)


Porter Gang


New officers were elected at the September meeting. They are:

  • President– Alexis Martin
  • Vice President–Melanie Witte
  • Secretary–Alyssa Arscotte
  • Treasurer–Noah McDerby
  • Song Leaders–Gabe Martin, Sydney Pyle, and Brogan Raughley
  • Reporters-Ava Raughley, Stella Vasko, Max Lewandowski, and Evelyn Witte

Porter Gang would like to thank First State Montessori Academy for hosting the club’s window display during National 4-H Week. The theme was, “Something to Crow About.”

Our club is proud to support the quarter auction to benefit the New Castle County 4H Leaders Association and Exchange Group.  The club donated a coffee basket and a family fun basket.

— Submitted by Max Lewandowski, Reporter

Holy Angels Club

For our fall meetings, we have taken pictures of falling marbles, made fall wreaths, and are working on a wooden game.

Clover Quest

The Clover Quest club was called to order by president Katrice Wasgatt on Friday,
October 15 for a fun and fulfilling meeting. Clubbers began by saying the Pledge of Allegiance
and the 4-H Pledge and observing the moment of silence. Secretary Jade Wasgatt took roll and
read the September minutes. Ms. Blaky, club leader, announced new business, and the club got
to work!
The club was working to donate to an organization called Stockings for Soldiers, which
sends Christmas stockings to deployed soldiers overseas. Clubbers formed two assembly lines to
make 60 packs of Snowman Soup. The packs were filled with hot cocoa packets, candy canes,
Hershey kisses, marshmallows, and an encouraging note. Next, clubbers worked together to
make cards for service members, using the fronts of old Christmas cards on red and green paper.

After this wintery activity, the club enjoyed a healthy fall snack of pumpkin muffins, while
watching a presentation on the anatomy of a pumpkin. The cross-section of a pumpkin was
displayed, while Jade demonstrated the various parts of this autumnal fruit. The science proved
to be very interesting!

Then Clover Quest played a hilarious game called “Elephant Walk”. Each clubber had
an apple in a stocking, which was then put on their head. Participants had to swing their
“trunks” to knock another apple off of an overturned cup on the floor. This fun game had
everyone cracking up!

To finish the meeting, clubbers filled out the “4-H O’Meter”, filling in head, heart, hands,
and health. Another successful meeting for Clover Quest 4-H!

Clover Quest and Meado-Larks Stuff Stockings for Soldiers

On the evening of October 24th, Clover Quest partnered with the Meado-Larks to
volunteer at Stockings for Soldiers. The Newark Post Office generously donated stocking
stuffers that filled two shopping carts. Blaky, Katrice, and Jade Wasgatt from Clover Quest,
along with Lisa, Ryan, and Natalie Davis, Jenn and Avery Ruebush and a friend, and Stephanie
and Tobi Tang from the Meado-Larks club, arrived at Stockings for Soldiers on the 24th to drop
off their donations, and help prepare the stockings and stocking stuffers. At one station,
stockings that had been sewn by volunteers were unpacked from bags and laid out on a table.
Another station was dedicated to carefully writing the soldiers’ names in glue and glitter. Some
volunteers folded blankets and tied bows on them, and others made cards. The regular
volunteers excitedly told the 4-H members about the loud, bustling atmosphere during the nights
that the stockings are stuffed. Last year, they sent stockings to 10,000 soldiers. The Clover
Quest and Meado-Larks clubs enjoyed participating in such a lively endeavor to show gratitude
to soldiers on Christmas.