Club Reminders for the 2016-2017 Year

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Please remember that there is a monthly Leaders meeting at the NCC office on the 4th Monday of each month  at 7:00 pm, from August through May. If you are a club leader, please plan on attending at least some of these meetings, or have an adult volunteer attend. 4-H is collaborative. Let your voice be heard!

The Junior Council meetings will be held on the same dates and times starting in September.


ATTENTION youth 13 and over: If you are interested in traveling and seeing how 4-Her’s in a different state are active, this is the group for you. Monday, September 26 at 8pm (after the Jr. Council meeting) we will be have an interest meeting for the upcoming Exchange program! Please come if interested or let Kaitlin know if you can not make it but still interested.


The Delaware 4-H Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the 4-H program.  Financial Support Requests will be accepted twice a fiscal year. For more information, please click here.


The NCC 4-H Links is a service organization supporting the 4-H program. We are proud to present grant opportunities of up to $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a club. These grants will be offered twice this year, once in January and once in September, to assist with special 4-H projects. A grant could be used for a club project, for a community service project, supplies for an Ag Day booth, or much more. We encourage you to be creative!

Applications for the second set of grants are due Tuesday, September 13, 2016. They will be reviewed and awarded at the discretion of the NCC 4-H Links. You will be notified once a decision has been made.

Please submit all applications to the 4-H Office.

Links Grant Application

Mail applications to:

NCC 4-H Links

461 Wyoming Road Room 131

Newark, DE 19716

**DEADLINE – September 13, 2016 (No late entries accepted)



**Please also encourage your club reporter to submit updates on what’s been happening in your club monthly.  Email reports to by the 20th of the month so they can be included in the next month’s blog. We love hearing what you’ve been up to and want to share it with your fellow 4-Hers!