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Up for the Challenge Training

Up for the Challenge Training on January 17th from 12:00-3:00pm in room 144


For Ages 13 & up

Have an interest in nutrition, fitness or general health and wellness? Come join us for a short training session for 4-H Healthy Living Program: Up for the Challenge to learn how you can educate and empower youth in the state of Delaware how to eat healthy and exercise the right way!


Bell Ringing Opportunities

bell-ringingHow do you make a Holiday Season better? Each family has their own traditions of picking out a Christmas tree together or giving a great gift on the first day of Hanukkah. No matter what your tradition is, this is a great time to start a new one with the family or 4-H club!

Ringing the Salvation Army bell has been around for many years. Volunteering your time at the kettles is the jumping off point for helping the less fortunate share in the holiday spirit they may have thought they would miss out on. The Salvation Army will help hundreds have a small portion of what is “normal” for us. Giving back is what the holidays are all about. You may get a little cold, maybe a little tired, and give up some of the time you could have had for other Yuletide activities, but you will meet hundreds of shoppers who give for the simple reason that they want to help those who need it, too. We are truly a part of a great society and it is important that we contribute to the welfare of that society as long as we can. The following days and times are still available, if you would like to sign up for a time slot please contact Toland Van Sant at (302) 738-4168 Home or (302) 540-1539 Cell.

*Time slots can be taken in 1 hour increment or more.

K-Mart at College Square:
Dec 3rd: 3-5 pm & 7-9 pm
Dec 10th: 4-5 pm
Dec 15th: 7-9 pm
Dec 17th: 5-7 pm
Dec 21st: 5-7 pm
Dec 23rd: 7-9 pm
Dec 24th: 9-10 am & 3-6 pm

Penny’s at Prices Corner:
Dec 3rd: 5-9 pm
Dec 10th: 5-9 pm
Dec 13th: 5-7 pm
Dec 14th: 7-9 pm
Dec 15th: 8-9 pm
Dec 16th: 7-9 pm
Dec 17th: 3-9 pm
Dec 21st: 6-9 pm
Dec 22nd: 6-9 pm
Dec 23rd: 6-9 pm
Dec 24th: 12-4 pm

Safeway at People’s Plaza:
Dec 10th: 4-7 pm
Dec 17th: 3-4 pm & 7-9 pm
Dec 23rd: 6-9 pm
Dec 24th: 9-10 am & 3-6 pm

Safeway at People’s Plaza:
Dec 23rd: 6-9 pm

Agri-Science & Healthy Living Summits


Applications are now being accepted for consideration to attend the National Youth Agri-Science Summit on February 2-5, 2017, and the National Youth Healthy Living Summit on February 17-20, 2017.  The deadline for submission is Wednesday, December 14, 2016.


Announcing:  National Youth Summit on Agri-Science

When:  February 2-5, 2017

Where:  National 4-H Conference Center

Sponsor:  The Delaware 4-H Foundation

The attached application is due to Kristin Cook by Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Announcing:  National Youth Summit on Healthy Living

When:  February 17-20, 2017

Where:  National 4-H Conference Center

Sponsor:  The Delaware 4-H Foundation

The attached application is due to the State 4-H Office by Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Delaware 4-H Interview Skills Workshop

Dear Delaware 4-H Teen,

 Join fellow Delaware 4-H teens in learning important skills and techniques preparing you not just for mandatory interviews to National 4-H events but also scholarship, college and other opportunities that are beneficial to your growth and success.   Please see attached flyer for additional information.

Attendance is required at either one of the November or December workshops (you may choose one) but all are required to attend the January 5, 2017 workshop which will include mock interviews and specific recommendations tailored for each participant to take home and continue to practice. 

Please click on the link below

Interview Skills Workshop Registration 


call Tammy Schirmer at 302-856-2585 x544 to register or email at

Questions about the workshops may be sent directly to Ernie Lopez at

We hope to see 4-H teens from all counties take advantage of this learning opportunity.


Ernesto B. Lopez
State 4-H Volunteer Coordinator
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Delaware
302-856-2585 x561 


Club News


Service Project Opportunity

Last winter, UD Extension was able to give out several thousand children’s books to facilities and outreach programs in need. Unfortunately, that was a one time donation. The need for children’s books for lower income families never ends. Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries has reached out again to make a request for donations. If any of our clubs is looking for a service project, this would be a wonderfully rewarding one. Please contact Serena in the 4-H office at 302-831-8965 or and she can put you in touch with the contact person.


Sewing Club leader wanted!4h-sewing-clipart-1

Due to other obligations, Monique will no longer be able to lead the NCC Sewing Club. We would love to keep this club going! She said it would probably best be served by 2 people, but it absolutely needs at least one leader! Obviously, some sewing experience is a must. NCC 4-H already has sewing machines and supplies, we just need a creative leader to thread those machines and use those supplies to help our 4-Hers make some wonderful fabric projects!

If you know anyone who may be interested in heading up this club, please have them contact Kaitlin at 302-831-8965 or They do not have to be an existing 4-H volunteer, but will have to go through the volunteer process to become one if they are interested. The office can assist with that process.



Looking for club photos!

To share in a slideshow at the Achievement Banquet!

If you have any photos of your club doing a fun activity or just being “4-H Proud”, please share them with Serena ASAP (Remember, the Achievement Banquet is on the 18th. Register now!!! ) by emailing them to


Calling anyone who wants to travel!

ATTENTION youth 13 and over: If you are interested in traveling and seeing how 4-Her’s in a different state are active, this is the group for you. Monday, October 24 at 8pm (after the Jr. Council meeting) we will be have a meeting for the upcoming Exchange program! Please come if interested or let Kaitlin know if you can not make it but still interested.

Window Display and Banner Contest 2016

4-H BannerNational 4-H Week provides a great opportunity to put New Castle County 4-H and your individual club in the spotlight! This year think about how your club can encourage others in the community to become a 4-H member.  Believe it or not, there are still people who have never heard of 4-H! This is your opportunity to show your community all of the fun, exciting, and meaningful programs 4-H’ers take part in.

Window Displays: Clubs are encouraged to design a window display that will be placed in the community. Great locations include grocery stores, doctor’s offices, pet supply stores, local businesses, etc. Put your creativity to use and design an eye catching display that will spark public interest in 4-H.

Banners: Individual members of 4‐H clubs are encouraged to design and display a 4‐H banner in the community during National 4‐H Week.


  • Displays must be in place by 5:00pm Monday, October 3 and remain displayed until 5:00pm , Sunday, October 9.
  • Window displays can be a maximum of 7’x 30”
  • Banner must be 2 ’ x 3’ in dimension
  • Registrations are due to the NCC Extension office by Monday, September 26
  • Displays will be judged and the top three winners in each category will be announced at the New Castle County 4-H Achievement Night in October


If you submit a registration form, but your club is unable to participate in the contest, please contact Serena at (302) 831-8965 or no later than Friday, September 30.

2016 Window Display/Banner Contest Registration Form

Club Reminders for the 2016-2017 Year



Please remember that there is a monthly Leaders meeting at the NCC office on the 4th Monday of each month  at 7:00 pm, from August through May. If you are a club leader, please plan on attending at least some of these meetings, or have an adult volunteer attend. 4-H is collaborative. Let your voice be heard!

The Junior Council meetings will be held on the same dates and times starting in September.


ATTENTION youth 13 and over: If you are interested in traveling and seeing how 4-Her’s in a different state are active, this is the group for you. Monday, September 26 at 8pm (after the Jr. Council meeting) we will be have an interest meeting for the upcoming Exchange program! Please come if interested or let Kaitlin know if you can not make it but still interested.


The Delaware 4-H Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the 4-H program.  Financial Support Requests will be accepted twice a fiscal year. For more information, please click here.


The NCC 4-H Links is a service organization supporting the 4-H program. We are proud to present grant opportunities of up to $50.00 for an individual and $100.00 for a club. These grants will be offered twice this year, once in January and once in September, to assist with special 4-H projects. A grant could be used for a club project, for a community service project, supplies for an Ag Day booth, or much more. We encourage you to be creative!

Applications for the second set of grants are due Tuesday, September 13, 2016. They will be reviewed and awarded at the discretion of the NCC 4-H Links. You will be notified once a decision has been made.

Please submit all applications to the 4-H Office.

Links Grant Application

Mail applications to:

NCC 4-H Links

461 Wyoming Road Room 131

Newark, DE 19716

**DEADLINE – September 13, 2016 (No late entries accepted)



**Please also encourage your club reporter to submit updates on what’s been happening in your club monthly.  Email reports to by the 20th of the month so they can be included in the next month’s blog. We love hearing what you’ve been up to and want to share it with your fellow 4-Hers!

Volunteers needed for AG Day 2016


Youth and adult volunteers are needed on Saturday, April 30 to assist with the 4-H Food Smart Families display. FSF will feature an interactive “Grocery Shopping Simulation” during AG Day and we need YOUR help! Shifts will be 1-2 hours long and will require about 10 people per shift. If you are available to assist with the display, please e-mail Kathleen Splane or call (302) 730-4000.

WE WANT YOU! 2016 Legislative Day Registration now open!

Legislative Day Flyer 2016


4-H Legislative Day provides Delaware 4-H members a unique opportunity to learn about the state legislative process. They learn firsthand about Delaware government, meet with local officials, and participate in a 4-H rally.  and also meet with elected officials. This event is open to 4-Hers 8 and above. Parents are invited to attend as well.

Registration form and payment are due to the NCC 4-H Office by Friday, April 22. Contact Serena Conner at (302) 831-8965 with questions.

2016 Legislative Day FormsGarfield Uncle Sam