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Healthy Living Updates

World Food Day is October 16

Achieving Zero Hunger is not only about addressing hunger, but also nourishing people, while nurturing the planet. This year, World Food Day calls for action across sectors to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone. At the same time, it calls on everyone to start thinking about what we eat.

Collective action across 150 countries is what makes World Food Day one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar. Hundreds of events and outreach activities bring together governments, businesses, NGOs, the media, and general public. They promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all. Make #WorldFoodDay your day – share your individual action for #ZeroHunger or join the call by developing a 4-H group event or activity.

International World Food Day Poster contest (Age 5-19) Deadline Nov. 8, 2019

Children and teens all over the world are invited to use their imagination and create a poster that illustrates their idea of what needs to be done to make healthy diets available for everyone and how each of us can improve our diets. Take a photo or scan your poster and submit your entry by filling out the form on website. Three winners in each age category will be selected and announced in December. Winners will be promoted by FAO offices (Food and Agriculture Organization) around the world and receive a surprise gift bag and Certificate of Recognition.

4th H for Health Challenge


2019-2020  DE 4-H Healthy Living Club Challenge

Challenge Kick Off: September 1 – August 31, 2020

Clubs take part in the 4th H for Health Challenge by introducing a variety of healthy living practices during club meetings each month. Complete bonus challenges to earn “points”!

Main Challenge Areas:

Water Consumption:

Offer water as the main beverage at club meetings

Fruits and Vegetables:

Include a fruit and/or vegetable as a snack choice

Physical Activity:

Organize a physical activity to get moving for 10-15 minutes

Earn extra points by completing bonus challenges!

REGISTER your club as a participant in this Healthy Living Club Challenge by Sept. 30, 2019 Register by sending an email to or 302-831-8864. – 50 points

Elect a club Wellness Officer – 100 points

Social Well-being Challenge – 100 points

Incorporate a TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY into a club meeting. Social relationships are an integral part of our well-being and help us establish a sense of belonging. Building relationships among club members is a great avenue for establishing a productive club and a safe space for all members to gather.

Personal Well-being Challenge – 100 points

This bonus is about personal well-being and how we can grow ourselves through our passions, interests, and aspirations. To achieve the bonus, have your club take part in an activity that has members exploring their dreams and establishing a goal for this month or whole year. After members have established their own goal, consider having them discuss a TEAM GOAL they want to work on as a club this year.

  • Vision Board: Have youth bring old magazines to meeting. Each youth has a piece of paper and collects images or text from different magazines that represents their interests and dreams. Have them decorate it and then share an aspiring goal that they have.
  • Interest Maps: Give youth a sheet of paper and have them write down all their interests, connecting ones that have similarities. If they see a pattern in their interests, have them focus in on that area and establish a goal.

Emotional Well-being Challenge – 100 points

Emotional well-being is emotions, feelings, and awareness or focus on their inner self. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services explains Mental and Emotional Well-being is “essential to overall health. Positive mental health allows people to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Early childhood experiences have lasting, measurable consequences later in life; therefore, fostering emotional well-being from the earliest stages of life helps build a foundation for overall health and well-being.”

Introducing opportunities for youth to learn about their emotional well-being is an important component of our 4-H programming. Take time during your club meeting to incorporate a technique that will help youth build their emotional well-being.

Here are some example ideas of activities/conversations to have to meet the Emotional Well-being Challenge:

  • Have a conversation about anti-bullying: What do they see at school? How can they help others feel included? How can they address a bullying situation next time they experience or witness it?
  • Open your club meeting with 4-H Yoga which incorporates yoga poses with each verse of the 4-H pledge.
  • Self-compassion exercise with “I am…” statements: have youth write down 2-3 statements “I am …….” Acknowledging their strengths and attributes they recognize in themselves.

Financial Well-being Challenge – 100 points

Our awareness of financial health can have an impact on how we think, feel, act, and share with others. This challenge will introduce ideas and strategies to increase the strength of our financial literacy. Learning skills early on can help prepare for the future when finances become a staple part of our daily life.

  • Savings
    • Strategies to Save: Based on your needs or wants, make mini banks to take home and start saving for your goals. Have members bring small mason jars or recycled plastic bottles, decorate and label for your different needs and/or wishes. (ex: Fun with Friends, Car, Clothes, Movies, Summer Fun, Savings etc.)
      • Experts recommend that we save a small percentage of the money we earn to put into savings. Encourage your youth to talk with their parents about a savings account if they don’t already have one.


Environmental Health Challenge – 100 points

One area of well-being we may not often consider is how our physical and natural environments impact our personal and public health. This can include access to safe routes to be active, nutritious foods that are affordable, safe water to drink and maintaining healthy environments where our food is grown. It is important that we consider how we treat our environments so that we have sustainable access to our basic human needs for generations to come.

Consider one of the topics below to discuss at your club meeting to learn more about the importance of our environment and how that can impact our health:

  • Where our food comes from: This activity will help you consider where foods in our diet come from. Are they “local” or do we depend on agriculture from greater distances? Consider how distance of transportation for foods may impact our physical environment and discuss strategies to produce and purchase more local foods.
  • Invasive Species: Learn about weeds and other species that interrupt or inhibit the safety of growing plants we need and food production we seek.
  • Pollinators: Discuss with your club the role that bees and other pollinators play in food availability.
  • Decluttering our space: Our environment can also include our personal space. The space we are in can impact our emotional health and decluttering our space helps declutter our mind of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings.
  • Nature Hike: Take a hike through the woods or down the sidewalk in the neighborhood your club is meeting in. During this hike have youth note the things they see (different plants, bugs, animals, people, etc.). Afterwards, debrief on how they feel after getting some fresh air outdoors and encourage members to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day and try to get those minutes while outdoors if possible. *This could count towards physical activity challenge too!

Community Well-being Challenge – 100 points

This challenge is taking what you have learned and sharing it with others. Think of a way you can share healthy living with people in your county to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few examples:

  • Build a raised bed at a nursing home so residents can garden from a wheelchair.
  • Create posters promoting healthy choices and place around town.
  • Present to your families, a community organization, or your school about making healthy changes.
  • If you have a community parade or event, create a float or display about healthy living.
  • Ask local farmer’s market if you can set up a display to promote fruit and vegetable consumption.

Include a short blurb and/or picture of your club completing the BONUS challenges in order to earn the extra points.

Clubs that participate will be recognized at county achievement events to celebrate their success!

4th H for Health Challenge 2019-2020 Printable info & tracker (see below)

4th H for Health Update

2018-2019 – 4th H for Health Trackers are due August 31, 2019 for recognition at fall achievement events. Please submit: to your county office or email to or FAX to 302-831-8934 or mail to NCC 4-H Office: 461 Wyoming Road Newark, DE 19716

Stay tuned for an exciting 2019-2020 4th H for Health Challenge!

Visit for activities:

Contact the Healthy Living Team for materials or questions – 302-831-8965 or


Healthy Living

And keep it going all summer by getting the 4-H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide for 60 inspirational activities to help your kid grow into a True Leader. Click here for details and to download the Healthy Living Activity Guide.

Healthy Living Updates

Congratulations to the Twelve Delaware 4-H Clubs who took the 2017-18 4th H for Health Challenge!

Bridgeville Mustangs                                                                    


Cypress Heart and Hands                                                            

Peach Blossom

Harrington Sunshine                                                                     

Porter Gang


Summit Bridge

Lord Baltimore Helping Hands                                                  

Stump Corner                   

Lucky Leaf and Little Creek Clovers                                         

Woodside Emeralds

You have shown extraordinary commitment to keeping yourselves physically strong through regular physical activity and healthy eating! We encourage all clubs to take the 2018-19 4th H Challenge! Contact Betsy Morris (Healthy Living Mission Mandate Coordinator) at for more information.


Thank you to the Delaware 4-H Foundation for sponsoring club awards!

Healthy Living Updates



4th H for Health Challenge – Year 2, encourages 4-H groups to serve water, fruits and vegetables, and to incorporate physical activity and a social/emotional health activity at four meetings and events. Below are some ideas:    

Mix & Mingle – A quick, active icebreaker for large groups to encourage decision making, choices and an opportunity to get to know each other.

Group stands in middle of a hall area. The leader stands in front facing group and calls out a choice, pointing to opposite sides. For example inside vs. outside. If I like “outside” more than “inside” I would go to right. Run or walk to side of room which they prefer.

Examples of choices: nature vs city, casual vs dress-up, apple vs banana, Instagram vs twitter, dancing vs singing, performing vs watching, iPhone vs android, surfing vs skiing, water ice vs ice cream, carrots vs celery, strawberry vs blueberry, white potato vs sweet potato…



1 ½ c. cold milk

1 c. fresh or canned fruit, drained

1 small pkg. vanilla instant pudding

Combine milk, pudding mix and fruit in one quart jar or bowl with tight fitting lid, shake until well mixed (about 1-2 minutes). Refrigerate for 10 minutes. Serves 4-6.



Green, Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers contain high amounts of Vitamin C. A red bell pepper contains 3 times the amount of Vitamin C in an average orange. Orange peppers are consider an Eyefood meaning high in nutrients promoting eye health!

Serve pepper strips with: Savory Yogurt Dip – Combine 2 cups low fat plain yogurt, 1 tsp. garlic powder, 3 T. lemon juice, ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Healthy Living Updates

Greetings from the Healthy Living Team – September 2018

Did you know?

The Healthy Living Team has a blog and a webpage. The blog has new posts every week on a variety of topics. Check us out:

The webpage called “Healthy Habits” can be found here:  Over 15 “Grab and Gos” (Healthy Living Activities) can be found on this page.



~Kick off of Year 2 of the 4th H for Health Challenge with a new component for emotional and social health. It’s easy and fun! Serve water, fruits and vegetables and incorporate physical activity or a leadership/team building activity at your club meetings and events. Plan to participate this year!

~Healthy Living Ambassadors ZOOM Video chat Meeting September 19th at 6:00pm-6:30pm. Email Breanna Banks for meeting link and/or to join the HLA team.

Topic: Guidance on the Go: Healthy Living Mobile Applications and team check-in!


Do you have a passion for serving and helping others?

Have you been thinking about participating in a 5K this fall?

Here’s a way you can do either or both so watch this video!

Join us on Sunday September 30th at 9:30 AM at the University of Delaware for the 9/11 Heroes Run, a national 5K race held annually by the Travis Manion Foundation which brings communities together to remember the sacrifices of the heroes of the September 11th attacks and wars since. The 9/11 Heroes Run has spread from a small grassroots event with a few hundred people in one small community in Pennsylvania in 2007 to an event that spans over 50 cities around the world. Last year, more than 30,000 participants joined with their communities to run, volunteer, donate, cheer, but most of all: honor our nation’s heroes.

Register to Walk, Run, Volunteer, Donate, or Fundraise at

Race Day Registration opens at 8am and the opening ceremonies start at 9:11am. We hope to ensure that the UD 9/11 Heroes Run brings our community together. The 9/11 Heroes Run is one of the only race series that invests funds raised back into the communities that host a race. Through a progressive grant process, the Travis Manion Foundation invested nearly $240,000 last year into community organizations who are assisting military personnel, veterans, first responders and their families locally.

If members of our DE 4-H Extension family would like to make a donation of water, Gatorade, snacks, or fruit, please contact Karen Johnston at 302-831-8866 for logistics.  Financial donations can be made on the website.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Race Day 9/30/18!  Happy Trails!

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