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Diamond Clover Intent Forms Due

Diamond Clover Award – 2019-2020 Intent Forms DUE November 25, 2019

Delaware 4-H members are eligible to participate in the Diamond Clover Award program. Delaware 4-H adopted the Diamond Clover Award in 2011 from a program used in Maryland and Nebraska. This award will be the highest level of recognition that a Delaware 4-H member can achieve. It is similar to the Boy Scout Eagle Award or the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Diamond Clover Award consists of six levels, each steadily advancing in intensity and achievement over the last. It is intended to take a 4-H member six years to complete. The nice thing about this award is that many 4-H members are already doing the work, so all you need to do is fill out the forms and submit them. For other 4-H members, this award can provide you with a long-term challenge for your 4-H career. Either way, when you have finished the process you have completed an amazing journey that will benefit you forever. To find out more, visit the Diamond Clover site on the State 4-H webpage at:

2019 NCC 4-H Achievement Event

Join us on Sunday, October 6 at the NCC Extension Office as we honor NCC 4-H members who excelled in project work, leadership, citizenship, judging and more over the past year.

The awards program will begin at 2 pm, followed by a reception.

We’re having a GREEN OUT in recognition of the kick off of National 4-H Week. Please wear green or the 4-H clover to show your 4-H spirit.

Please RSVP with the number attending to Serena at 302-831-8965 or via email by Monday, September 23.


Diamond Clover Award

2018-2019 Diamond Clover Final Reports – Due September 23

Diamond Clover Final Reports for the 2018-2019 4-H year are due to the 4-H office by Monday, September 23.
These forms can also be found on the State 4-H Website:

Diamond Clover Award – 2019-2020 Intent Forms DUE November 25, 2019

Delaware 4-H members are eligible to participate in the Diamond Clover Award program. Delaware 4-H adopted the Diamond Clover Award in 2011 from a program used in Maryland and Nebraska. This award will be the highest level of recognition that a Delaware 4-H member can achieve. It is similar to the Boy Scout Eagle Award or the Girl Scout Gold Award. The Diamond Clover Award consists of six levels, each steadily advancing in intensity and achievement over the last. It is intended to take a 4-H member six years to complete. The nice thing about this award is that many 4-H members are already doing the work, so all you need to do is fill out the forms and submit them. For other 4-H members, this award can provide you with a long-term challenge for your 4-H career. Either way, when you have finished the process you have completed an amazing journey that will benefit you forever. To find out more, visit the Diamond Clover site on the State 4-H webpage at:

Spotlight Leader

Our next Delaware 4-H Spotlight Leader is Mrs. Blaky Wasgatt!

Mrs. Wasgatt has been the organizational leader of the Clover Quest 4-H club in New Castle County since 2013 after being a club project leader for 2 years. She received the Volunteer of the Year award for New Castle County in 2016 for her exceptional efforts as a 4-H leader.

While Mrs. Wasgatt was not a 4-Her herself as a youth, she was quick to learn about the various aspects of 4-H. She has much enthusiasm for youth development in her club and for encouraging participation in county and state events. Her 4-Hers participate in favorite foods, consumer bowl, poultry bowl, public speaking and demonstration contest to name a few. In fact, in addition to the traditional pledges and business meeting each month, there is also a presentation by a youth and adult partner on a topic of their choice. They have explored autism, karate, wildlife judging, theatre arts, ice cream, caring for a goat, and reptiles just to name a few topics. 4-Hers also participate in age appropriate games, activities and crafts each month. Mrs. Wasgatt updates club members each and every month to participate in 4-H county offerings and most club members participate as campers, camp counselors, or in county contests.

Mrs. Wasgatt also features numerous opportunities to engage in community service including serving at Family Promise events, collecting and packaging supplies for the homeless, and Stockings for Soldiers.

Her favorite part about being a leader is providing an opportunity for the youth to practice their public speaking skills on a topic of their choosing as well as developing the club leadership skills of her officers.

Results: Judging Contests/Clothing Showcase

A big congratulations goes out to the following who will be headed to the State Fair to represent New Castle County in the Judging Contests!

Study up and get ready for the State Fair!


Wood Science:

Cole Simpson

Tyler Melson



Eason Li

Tyler Melson

Michela Davis



Eason Li

Matthew Trunfio



Matthew Trunfio


And congratulations to Clothing & Textile Showcase Participants from the Stump Corner 4-H Club.

Katie Campbell

Bruce Patrick

Emma Patrick


New Castle County 4-H Spotlight Leaders

Organizational Leader: Janice Melson and Richard Melson

Club: Meado-Larks

Janice and Richard Melson are the organizational leaders of the Meado-Larks 4-H Club in New Castle County. Mrs. Melson has been a 4-H leader for 36 years and Mr. Melson has been a leader for 32 years! They are both active in the New Castle County Leaders Association and New Castle County Order of the Links.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Melson were 4-Hers in Sussex County in the Dublin Hill Yellow Jackets 4-H Club. They were both active at the club, county, and collegiate level. Richard was involved in the Foods and Food Preservation, Gardening, and Field Crops projects. Janice was involved in the Foods, Foods Preservation, Clothing, Home Improvement, Gardening, and pet projects. Their involvement earned them both two trips to National 4-H Congress. Richard also attended National 4-H Conference and the National Cherry Pie Cooking Contest. Some their fondest 4-H memories circle around Camp Barnes as campers and counselors.

Mrs. Melson says that when her oldest son joined 4-H, she felt it was natural to become a leader. Just four years later, her and her husband took over the Meado-Larks 4-H club. Their youth take whatever projects they wish and they train in as many of those areas as they can. The current club still has a multitude of interests, but they are also putting an emphasis on community service. Mrs. Melson mentions that it has been fun setting up activities they can do together.  It doesn’t matter what age they are; they all participate together.

Mr. and Mrs. Melson are starting to see an increase in membership and interests within the club. They look forward to continuing the fun and excitement, not to mention the rewards and satisfaction.

New Castle County 4-H Spotlight Leaders

Organizational Leader: Patricia Clifton

Club: Tails n Trails

Patricia Clifton has been the organizational leader of the Tails n Trails 4-H club in New Castle County for 4 years and she currently serves on the 4-H Horse Council Committee. Patricia was a member of the Pencader 4-H cub from age 9 to 16 and was an active member of the horse project group. In this club, she learned how to take better care of horses and improved her riding skills. She also learned how to sew, cook, clean, and decorate.

Mrs. Clifton decided to become a leader and started this 4-H club because she wanted to give youth the opportunity to learn all about horses, not just ride them. She hopes that the 4-Hers will learn enough to be able to take care of a horse on their own. As a 4-Her herself, she learned many valuable life lessons that she tries to instill in her 4-Hers everyday: courage, respect, and courtesy. Ultimately, Patricia’s hopes for her 4-Hers is to just go for it and have a blast while doing it. It doesn’t matter whether you are good at it or not!

One of her 4-Hers, Clara Gulick, states, “Mrs. Tricia has good memories of being in 4-H when she was a kid and she leads our club so that we can have the same good experiences. She works hard and plans a lot of fun field trips. My favorite thing to do with Mrs. Tricia is go on trail rides!”

Mrs. Clifton mentions that this quote from William Shakespeare is what motivates her as a leader: “The meaning of life is to find your perfect gift. The purpose of light is to give it away.” She mentions that she will always try to stay positive while doing so because it is not always easy. She may not always see the results, but if she makes a positive difference in just one person, it is well worth it to her.

👨‍🍳 Favorite Foods/Foods Judging Recap


to all our Favorite Foods participants and winners!

(Make sure to scroll all the way down for pictures from the event!)


Beginner Appetizer:

1st Place: Stella Vasko, Porter Gang

Beginner Side Dish

1st Place: Liam Aber, Holy Angels

Honorable Mention: Chase Oldis, Porter Gang

Beginner Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Karmyn Sposato, Bear

Honorable Mention: Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann

Beginner Cookies, Cupcakes & Brownies

1st Place: Claire Schaedler, Meado-Larks

Honorable Mention: Matthew Dooling, Stump Corner

Beginner Dessert

1st Place: Savannah Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Honorable Mention: McKenna Crook, Stump Corner

Junior Appetizers

1st Place: Vivian Carter, Summit Bridge

Honorable Mention: Tobi Tang, Meado-Larks

Junior Breads

1st Place: Emily Campbell, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Luka Vasko, Porter Gang

Junior Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Bruce Patrick, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Ava Raughley, Porter Gang

Junior Soups, Stew & Chili

1st Place: Daisy Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Junior Dessert

1st Place: Noah Everett, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Katie Campbell, Stump Corner

Senior Appetizers

1st Place: Halley Poe, Bear

Senior Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Kyle Hill, Bear

Senior Side Dish

1st Place: Cole Simpson, Meado-Larks

Senior Dessert

1st Place: Sydney Pyle, Porter Gang


Link’s Adult Contest Winners

Jim Hill, Bear

Laura Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Ann-Marie Cochrane, Porter Gang



McKenzie Frank, Flock of Friends

Moira Jones, Flock of Friends

Reese Reed, Summit Bridge

Wallace Bonner, Flock of Friends

Michaela Patrick, Stump Corner

Anna Schaedler, Meado-Larks

Evelyn Witte, Porter Gang


Foods Judging Results

Senior Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest Results

  1. Noah Everett – Stump Corner
  2. Sydney Pyle – Porter Gang
  3. Cole Simpson – Meado-Larks
  4. Brandon Tang – Meado-Larks
  5. Halley Poe – Bear
  6. Kyle Hill – Bear
  7. Katie Campbell – Stump Corner


Junior Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest Results

  1. Tobi Tang, Meado-Larks

2. Caitlin Dooling, Stump Corner

3. Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann

4. Logan Fagley, Summit Bridge

5. Molly Carrow, Stump Corner

6. Daisy Timney, Heavenly Hooves

7. Luka Vasko, Porter Gang

8. Stella Vasko, Porter Gang

9. Vivian Carter, Summit Bridge

10. Ava Raughley, Porter Gang


New Castle County 4-H Spotlight Leaders

Organizational Leader: Jenny Trunfio

Club: Stump Corner

Mrs. Trunfio has been the organizational leader of the Stump Corner 4-H Club in New Castle County for 8 years. She is the project leader for Outdoor Adventures and Forestry. She was inducted into the New Castle Order of the Links several years ago for her service as a leader. At the county level, Mrs. Trunfio has helped with Ag Day and the Achievement Banquet and is an advisor with the Exchange group.

She was a 4-H’er in Huntingdon and Centre counties in Pennsylvania for 11 years. Her mom was the organizational leader and her older brothers were already members, so she was attending 4-H meetings long before she was able to join the club. She was also a member of the county Rec Club, which  prepared to compete at the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg every year.

Mrs. Trunfio was very involved in foods, clothing, outdoor cooking, photography, and vegetable gardening.  She also dabbled in rabbits, wildlife, dairy, and beef. She participated in demonstrations, fashion review, livestock judging, consumer bowl, and competed at PA State Achievement Days.

As an adult, she started working with 4-H after searching for a club for her eldest child to join. She decided to re-start a club that had been dormant for some years – Stump Corner 4-H Club in Townsend.  She had always planned on working in 4-H as an adult, but got side tracked as a young adult after college. She is so glad she got back to the organization.

Mrs. Trunfio loves being a 4-H leader. The best part, she says, is seeing the youth grow into themselves.  There’s nothing like seeing the light bulb come on, whether it’s through project work, public speaking, being an officer, or just working with other members on something of mutual interest. She looks forward to making many more memories and helping many more youth develop into the citizens and leaders they are meant to be.

Her advice to other leaders (both new and experienced) is to always be open to trying new things.  Try to let the members of your club or project group lead the way.  Ask for their suggestions and try to use them in the planning process.  Her other tip is to reach out to other club leaders for advice, suggestions and ideas.  Leader’s meetings and the Leader’s Forum are great places to meet other leaders and network for ideas of the great things other clubs are doing.  And don’t be afraid to reach out to the county office for help.

Public Speaking Contest Results

Wow!   is the best way to sum up the New Castle County Public Speaking event held on Wednesday, November 28. The judges and audience were amazed at the awesome presentations. The speakers captivated and held the attention of the judges and audience with the content of their speeches. The presentations were superbly researched, splendidly written, and well rehearsed. Good luck to the champions who will be presenting at the Delaware State Fair, and kudos to the following participants:


Cloverbud Division

Evelyn Witte, Porter Gang   Wee Willie Winkie


Beginner I Division

Champion:  Alexis Wolff, St. Ann’s School 4-H Club   Why Pigs Rule

Honorable Mention:  Abby Cochrane, Porter Gang   Dolphins


Beginner II Division

Champion:  Liam Aber, Holy Angels 4-H Club   Trash to Treasure

Honorable Mention:  Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann School 4-H Club   Save the Turtles


Junior Division

Champion:  Melanie Witte, Porter Gang   Bullied!  Me Too!  How about You?


Senior Division

Champion:  Therese Owens, Clover Quest   The 4-H’s to Becoming a Good Feminist


Finally, thank you to the volunteers who served as judges Marian and Todd Harvey, Hannah White, and Bethany Killmon, as well as the 4-H volunteer who organizes the event, Sarah Berninger.


Achievement Event Recap

The NCC 4-H Achievement Event on Nov. 4 was well attended. A huge thank you to everyone who came to honor your fellow 4-H’ers! Here is the link to the photos:


Here are highlights of some of the awards:

Best Exploring 4-H Awards:

Brogan Raughley and Emma Patrick

Best Financial Record Keeping:

Ava and Brogan Raughley

Best 4-H Story Awards:

Beginner Division: Bruce Patrick

Junior Division: Ella Vandervort

Senior Division: Carly Mekulski


Best Overall Record Book Awards:

Beginner Division: Brogan Raughley

Junior Division: Ava Raughley

Senior Division: Cole Simpson


Individual Community Service Award:

Cole Simpson


Club Community Service Award:

Stump Corner


Window Display:

1st place: Stump Corner

2nd Place: Summit Bridge


Banner Contest:

1st place: Matthew and Gabriel Trunfio


Spirit of 4-H Awards: 

Head – Hunter Willoughby

Heart – Sydney Pyle

Hands – Cole Simpson

Health – Matt Johnston


35 year volunteer leader: Janice Melson


Friends of 4-H : Bill Powers, Denis Shaffer


Joy Sparks “Spirit of 4-H” Award:  Brenda Shaffer


Links Inductees:  Jillian Harkness, Debbie Jacobs, Alyson Melson, Andrew Shaffer, Patrick Trunfio

Congratulations to all!

Healthy Living Updates

Congratulations to the Twelve Delaware 4-H Clubs who took the 2017-18 4th H for Health Challenge!

Bridgeville Mustangs                                                                    


Cypress Heart and Hands                                                            

Peach Blossom

Harrington Sunshine                                                                     

Porter Gang


Summit Bridge

Lord Baltimore Helping Hands                                                  

Stump Corner                   

Lucky Leaf and Little Creek Clovers                                         

Woodside Emeralds

You have shown extraordinary commitment to keeping yourselves physically strong through regular physical activity and healthy eating! We encourage all clubs to take the 2018-19 4th H Challenge! Contact Betsy Morris (Healthy Living Mission Mandate Coordinator) at for more information.


Thank you to the Delaware 4-H Foundation for sponsoring club awards!

State Fair Report



Talent Show
1st Place – Eason Li – Meado Larks

Public Speaking
Beginner I (ages 8-9):
3rd Place:  Brogan Raughley – Porter Gang

Beginner II (ages 10-11):
1st Place:  Melanie Witte – Porter Gang

Junior (ages 12-13):
3rd Place: Daisy Timney – Heavenly Hooves

Senior (ages 14-19):
1st Place:  Shannon Murray – C3

Judging Contests


6th Place:  Lizzy Handlin – Heavenly Hooves
8th Place:  Jack Handlin – Heavenly Hooves

8th Place:  Eason Li – Meado Larks
Food and Nutrition:
1st Place:  Alyson Melson – Meado Larks

3rd Place:  Eason Li – Meado Larks
Wood Science:
8th Place:  Cole Simpson – Meado Larks

4th Place: Lizzy Handlin – Heavenly Hooves
6th Place:  Sydney Phipps – Flock of Friends/Sheep Club
9th Place:  Victoria Fuller – Sheep Club

1st place: Jessica Knowles – Heavenly Hooves
2nd Place:  Carly Mekulski– Tails n Trails
Demonstration Contests
General Demonstrations:
Blue Ribbon – Arts & Crafts – Daisy Timney – Heavenly Hooves
Blue Ribbon – Arts & Crafts Team – Caitlin and Matthew Dooling – Stump Corner
Champion – Other Demonstration – Melanie Witte – Porter Gang

Environmental & Plant Science:
Champion – Entomology – Logan Aber – Environmental Science
Champion – Electricity – Liam Aber –Holy Angels/Environmental Science

Champion – Other Science Related – Melanie Witte – Porter Gang

Family & Consumer Science:
Champion – Table Setting Etiquette  – Matthew Trunfio – Stump Corner
Champion – Performing/Theatre Arts – Ava Raughley – Porter Gang
Blue Ribbon – Food Preparation Team – Sarah Apps and Kristin Traver -Summit Bridge

Animal Science:

Champion – Swine – Brogan Raughley – Porter Gang
Champion – Sheep – Lizzy Handlin – Heavenly Hooves
Blue Ribbon – Vet Science – Savannah Timney – Heavenly Hooves

Compound Bow – Intermediate Division -7th place – Jacob Green – Summit Bridge

Recurve Bow – Intermediated Division – 8th place – Jacob Green – Summit Bridge

Window Display – Tails n’ Trails

Tractor Driving Contest – 1st place –Kyle Hill -Bear

Avian Bowl– 1st place – Heavenly Hooves/Clover Quest – Lizzy Handlin, Jack Handlin, Jade Wasgatt

State Teen Council Officer
New Castle Representative – Hunter Willoughby – Summit Bridge

Delaware 4-H Youth in Action Award

Every 4-H’er has a story, and every story is worth telling!  The Delaware 4-H Youth in Action (YIA) award is a premiere opportunity for youth to share their stories of how 4-H has changed their lives and how they have, in turn, impacted others.

This award honors four Delaware 4-H’ers who have gained critical life skills through their 4-H experience and have utilized those skills to overcome a challenge or challenges they have faced.  Every honoree is an outstanding 4-H’er who epitomizes 4-H youth empowerment and leadership.   The 2018 awards will highlight youth in each of our core areas. Through a formal selection process, one awardee will be chosen within each pillar area:

  • Youth in Action: Agriculture
  • Youth in Action: Citizenship
  • Youth in Action: Healthy Living
  • Youth in Action: STEM

The YIA Awards are presented at The Delaware State Fair during the 4-H Awards Ceremony on Saturday, July 28, 2018.   Applicants should be a current 4-H member or recent alumni within the United States, ages 16-19.  The winner in each of the four pillar areas will receive a $250 monetary award, and their applications will be forwarded on to National 4-H Council as the Delaware 4-H representative for the National Youth in Action Awards program.

The application and additional information about these awards can be found on the State 4-H website under the “Awards” section of the menu.  We encourage any eligible 4-H member to submit an application by July 1, 2018.  We look forward to each of you having the opportunity to tell and share your 4-H story!  If you have any questions about this award, please contact your respective County 4-H Office or the State 4-H Office at (302) 831-2509.

DE 4-H Hall of Fame Award Call for Applications

In 2002, the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, National 4-H Council and 4-H National Headquarters partnered to create the National 4-H Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was established to recognize 4-H volunteers, Extension professionals, staff employees, donors and others who made a significant impact on 4-H at the local, state or national level.  This event is sponsored by the Delaware 4-H Foundation.

The next class of laureates will be inducted on October 6, 2018.

If you know of a special individual who has had a major impact on the 4-H Program in Delaware, you may nominate them for induction into the Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame in 2018.  Nominations at that time will be open through May 15.  The 2018 class will be selected in June 2018.  The Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Delaware 4-H Foundation. The full nomination form and FAQ document can be found at

In addition, applications will be accepted for individuals to serve on the selection committee.  If you are interested in serving there, please contact your 4-H educator closer to the event. Tickets for the event will go on sale in July 2018.