Animal Science Updates-Dairy Leasing

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Dairy Leasing Agreements Due to County Offices May 1

2024 Delaware Youth Dairy Leasing Agreements must be turned in to county offices for county agent signatures or to Susan Garey by May 1. Copies of dairy leases will be forwarded on to the Delaware State Fair. The leasing agreement is posted on the state 4-H webpage under the “Dairy” heading. extension/personal-economic-development/4H-youth-development/project-information/animal- science/

This is the only version of a leasing agreement that is accepted for Delaware shows.

National 4-H Dairy Conference Application Due May 1

The 2024 National 4-H Dairy Conference is September 29- October 2, 2024 in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference is for 15 to 18 year-olds who have participated in the 4-H Dairy Program for at least three years, who are currently enrolled in 4-H and have an interest in the dairy industry. The Delaware 4-H Foundation provides funding for two delegates and one chaperone each year.
The conference will be held concurrently with the World Dairy Expo. National 4-H Dairy Conference delegates may not participate in the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest or exhibit cattle at the World Dairy Expo due to time constraints. You may not have previously attended National 4-H Dairy Conference. For more information on National 4-H Dairy Conference please visit:

The updated application is available on the State 4-H Animal Science webpage under the “Animal Science Contests” heading and is due to Susan Garey by May 1.