Animal Science Reminders

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2023 Quality Assurance Certification Requirement for Delaware State Fair Market Animal Exhibitors

All Delaware State Fair junior exhibitors showing a market animal (steer, market lamb, market goat or market hog) are required to have a current quality assurance certification in order to enter and exhibit in a market class at the Delaware State Fair. The YQCA program is a national certification that now covers all livestock species with a single certification for all youth ages 7-21 nationwide. Program ages are calculated as of January 1 of the current year. Please note that starting in 2023 you must have a YQCA/BQA/PQA or DEQA certificate that is good through the end of July 2023 in order to enter a market animal in the 2023 Delaware State Fair. A copy of that certificate must be uploaded in ShoWorks at the time of entry in order for an entry to be complete and accepted. Options for obtaining a qualifying quality assurance certification to be able to enter and show a market animal at the 2023 DSF are:

· Ages 5-6- A parent, guardian or responsible adult must have a current quality assurance certification. Options to fulfill this requirement include PQA(Pork Quality Assurance) or BQA (Beef Quality Assurance adult online trainings or parents can either attend a YQCA classroom training session(email Susan directly to register) with their 5-6 year old to obtain a valid QA certification to meet the DSF requirement. Please contact Susan Garey if you would like to be granted access to the online Adult PQA certification training to cover youth ages 5-6. An email address is required.

· Ages 7-18- The youth market exhibitor must have a current YQCA certification obtained either through an YQCA classroom training session or YQCA online.

· Ages 19-21- The youth market exhibitor must have a current YQCA certification that can only be obtained online as per the YQCA program rules.

Youth YQCA certification is valid for one year.

In order for youth ages 8-21 to participate in either an online or in person classroom YQCA training session, they must register and create a profile at For youth age 8-12, parents are required to register their youth on the YQCA website. Once a child is registered, select the appropriate class you plan to attend. Fees will be charged at the time of registration and can be paid by credit card.

The YQCA classroom training costs $3.00 and the online training costs $12.00. These fees are paid online and go directly to YQCA even if you are attending an in person training. This should be completed prior to coming to the in person training. Youth completing the online YQCA training will take the online module that corresponds to their age as of January 1 of the current year.

The following YQCA in person class training dates have been scheduled for this spring:

· Thursday, April 27, 2023- UD Carvel Center- Sussex County Extension Office, Georgetown 6:30-8:30 pm- registration required in advance-must register by April 24

· Tuesday, May 2, 2023- New Castle County Extension Office, Newark 6:30-8:30 pm- registration required in advance- must register by TODAY April 29

· Thursday, May 22, 2023- Paradee Center- Kent County Extension Office, Dover 6:30-8:30 pm- registration required in advance- must register by May 19

If you plan on attending any of these sessions, you must register in advance so that we can ensure enough space and training materials. Please contact Susan Garey or (302)242-1510 if you have any questions or concerns in regards to Quality Assurance/YQCA certification needs.

2023 Delaware State Fair Livestock Updates

The 2023 DSF Livestock Handbook has been posted on the state fair website under the livestock exhibitors tab and entries open on April 1. Advisors, parents and exhibitors are strongly encouraged to read it thoroughly as there are a number of changes to the general livestock exhibitor rules this year that will impact market animal exhibitors.

A few important changes to note are:

· The adoption of a drug testing program for all champion and reserve market animals to ensure fair competition and a safe food product to enter the slaughter chain

· The requirement of a YQCA certificate that is valid through July of 2023 at the time a market animal entry is made. An entry will not be accepted without the YQCA certificate being uploaded at the time of entry.

· A declaration form that must be completed if your animal qualifies for the junior livestock auction and has not completed a drug withdrawal by the time of the auction. The withdrawal completion date and time will be announced at auction prior to the start of bidding on that animal.

· An updated deadline of July 1 for market animal photo submissions for Junior Livestock Auction add-ons.

· A new policy that clarifies that entries in breeding shows that are made under a farm name must disclose at the time of entry, the names of the adults involved in the farm so that the maximum of 2 entries per individual per class is not exceeded.

Several of these policy updates also have forms associated with them that are included in the handbook. It is an exhibitor’s responsibility to be familiar with these new policies and procedures.

2023 State 4-H Avian Bowl Study Sections

The Avian Bowl is a knowledge based quiz bowl style competition that focuses on poultry and eggs and poultry industry topics. The 2023 Delaware 4-H Avian Bowl will be Saturday July 29th at 1:00 pm in the Centre.

All questions and answers will come from the following material in the 2016 version and the updated 2023 sections of the Avian Bowl Manual. Both are available online free of charge through the National 4-H Avian Bowl website

2023 Study Sections: · Prologue … pdf available online in new 2023 online version

· Avian systems (Circulatory, nervous, excretory, muscle, skeletal only) … pages 39-40~ 2016 Manual

· Breeds, varieties, and strains (through New Hampshires, Characteristics) … pages 67-71~ 2016 Manual

· Eggcyclopedia … pages 102-124 ~ 2016 Manual

· Small turkey flock (All)… pages 45-54 ~ 2016 Manual · A revised version of ‘Changing World of Poultry and Eggs Market’ … pdf available online

· Embryology (Daily development through entire glossary) … pages 191-195 ~2016 Manual · New section: Non-food uses of eggs … pdf available online

The avian bowl manual is now available online, free of charge, including some of the new sections and some of the revised sections.

2023 avian bowl sections (pdf)

Prologue to the new avian bowl manual (pdf)

Changing world of poultry and egg markets (pdf)

Complete 2016 avian bowl manual (pdf) for the pages from avian systems; breeds, varieties, and strains; eggcyclopedia; small turkey flock; and embryology

Entries must be made online through the Delaware State Fair website by June 1. Teams should be entered once under the club name.

Final Delaware Junior Dairy Futurity Payment Due May 1

The third payment for futurity animals entered for the 2023 Delaware Junior Dairy Futurity is due May 1 to volunteer Charmayne Busker. Calves MUST be exhibited by a Delaware State Fair Junior Dairy Exhibitor. Leased animals are eligible and an exhibitor must be named on the last entry on May 1, 2023. For more information please consult the 2023 entry form posted on the State 4-H animal science page at or email Charmayne Busker

Dairy Leasing Agreements Due to County Offices – May 1

2023 Delaware Youth Dairy Leasing Agreements must be turned in to county offices for county agent signatures or to Susan Garey by May 1. Copies of dairy leases will be forwarded on to the Delaware State Fair. The leasing agreement is posted on the state 4-H webpage under the “Dairy” heading This is the only version of a leasing agreement that is accepted for Delaware shows.

2023 Delaware State Fair Livestock Tagging Dates

Tagging dates for market lambs, market hogs, market goats, market steers and feeder calves for the 2023 Delaware State Fair are:

· Saturday, May 6, 8 am-11 am – Cook Family Farm 3300 Frazer Rd. Newark (NC County)

· Saturday, May 13, 8 am-11 am- State Fairgrounds (Kent and Sussex County)

· Tuesday, May 23, 5 pm- 8 pm – Delaware State Fair (Kent and Sussex County)

If you choose to participate in the 4-H/FFA Rate of Gain Contest sponsored by the Delaware Farm Bureau, you need to attend the tagging/weigh in for your county. If you choose not to participate in the 4-H/FFA Rate of Gain Contest you may tag at any of the locations regardless of which county you are enrolled in.

Delaware Pork Producers Lawrence McClements Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence McClements (1924-2019) was a long-standing member of the Delaware Pork Industry and exemplified what it meant to be an advocate for raising Berkshire pigs. He began showing hogs at the age of thirteen and continued raising and showing hogs for more than 80 years up until his passing. His family farm (Kent Acres Farm) is located in Kenton, Delaware and first began as a dairy farm in 1950. Even with a substantial dairy cattle herd, Lawrence’s true passion was raising Berkshire hogs. There was never a time when a Berkshire breed was not represented on the farm. To this day, the McClements family continues the legacy that Lawrence began, and continues to breed and raise Berkshire show pigs to this day. This $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to an individual who exemplifies what it means to be a supporter of the swine industry on behalf of the Delaware Pork Producers in honor of Lawrence.

To be eligible applicant must:

1) Be a current junior or high school student or an undergraduate student at a college.

2) AND be either a 4H or FFA swine exhibitor at the Delaware State Fair.

3) A cover sheet with the following information:

· Name of Applicant

· Name of School

· Year in School

· Contact Information (home & school mailing address, telephone number & e-mail address)

4) An essay of 1000 words or less describing how their involvement in raising swine has impacted their life and an issue the applicant sees confronting the pork industry today or in the future, and what their solutions entail.

5) Two professional letters of reference from non-family members

Please submit your application either through email to or send materials in a single envelope to:

Amanda Fabi 12320 Blanchard Road Greenwood, DE 19950

Entry Deadline: Postmarked by JUNE 16, 2023.

No late entries will be accepted. Essays are judged based on clarity and expression, persuasiveness, originality, and relevance of topic. Winners will be announced at the Delaware State Fair at the beginning of the Junior Market Hog Show along with pen display winners.