Agents Letter

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Dear 4-H Family,                                                                       4-H Clover Emblem

This summer has been filled with lots of 4-H activities and events! There was Environmental Camp, two weeks of State 4-H Camp and the Exchange Trip.  We also had a great (but hot) time at the State Fair, Newark, Cloverbud, Shooting Sports, Animal Science and CIT Day Camps.

With the new 4-H year starting, there are a lot more exciting activities and events to look forward to.  Coming up in September, our regular monthly meetings begin again. There are also new clubs that will be starting up.  Our county program is growing and we are excited to meet new members, leaders, and families!

A reminder: clubs are encouraged to submit a club report each month. Be sure to submit your club news to Serena by the 20th of each month.  Include a fun activity, projects completed, and photos of your club in action.  We love to see and share what each club is doing!

During this busy time, as well as throughout the year, please remember to check your email and the online newsletter regularly for news and updates.  Be sure to sign up for events (county and statewide) by the posted deadlines.  This helps us plan and organize these events and ensures that they run smoothly. Thanks for your help!

Please feel free to call, email, or visit Serena or my office if you have any ideas, suggestions, or concerns about New Castle County 4-H programming. We are in a time of change, but want you to know we are open to new faces and ideas.  (We are also open to old faces and old ideas, too)

Let’s start another year focusing on what 4-H is all about!

Yours in 4-H,