Agent Letter

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Dear 4-H families and friends,

As we finish out 2017, and enter into 2018 as a new year, the Delaware 4-H Program would like to offer the following Top Ten Resolutions for 2018 to help every 4-H youth to be active and engaged in the 4-H program.  We encourage you to try them ALL!!


Top Ten 4-H Resolutions for 2018

  • Be an active participant in your local club
    • Serve on committees, give reports, attend project group meetings, attend club activities, help with fundraisers, and more.
  • Be active in a minimum of one (1) 4-H Project Area
    • 4-H has over 100 project areas to choose from. Every member should be actively involved in at least one (but can do more).
  • Participate in several County 4-H events/activities
    • 4-H has many competitive, educational and fun events for members to take part in during the year including Public Speaking, Favorite Foods, Demonstrations, Clothing Showcase, Legislative Day, Livestock Events, County Judging Contests and more!
  • Participate in at least 1 (or more) County Judging Contests
    • 10 different Judging Contests are held throughout the year. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in at least 1 (or more).
  • Attend one or more County training events
    • Training is provided for many 4-H contests and events – be sure to attend to learn more and help you to prepare.
  • Be a volunteer in your community
    • Help to make a difference by volunteering for different community service activities in your club/county/state.
  • Serve in a 4-H Leadership role
    • Serve in a leadership role in your club to help your leader and to work with younger 4-H members; participate in your County Junior Council or serve as a counselor for various 4-H camps.
  • Attend a 4-H Camp event
    • 4-H has various day camps, weekend camps and State Camp available to all.
  • Prepare projects to exhibit in the Delaware State Fair
    • Work on exhibits to showcase your 4-H project work at the state fair.
  • Invite your friends to join 4-H
    • 4-H is available to everyone; be sure to tell all your friends about the 4-H Program!

We thank each and every one of you for being a part of this wonderful organization. 4-H couldn’t happen without you!

We look forward to a great New Year

Betsy, Kaitlin and Serena