4th H for Health- December Edition

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Cucumber Tree Sandwiches

Christmas Tree Cucumber Sandwiches:

What you need:

● Gloves

● Knife

● Board

● Christmas Tree Sandwich Cutter

● Cucumbers

● White Bread

● Cream Cheese

● Yellow Cherry Tomato


● Put gloves to prepare food

● Cut out white bread with tree cutter

● Cut cucumbers into correct shapes

● Cut little circles out of tomatoes for the star

● Spread cream cheese over bread

● Assemble cucumbers and tomatoes

● Wash your hands, and enjoy!

Bonus Challenge:

The 12 days of Christmas challenge. You can do this during a meeting, so it would just be 12 exercises done in a row.

1. One jumping jack

2. Two calf raises

3. Three pushups

4. Four squats

5. Five dead bugs

6. Six mountain climbers ( on each leg)

7. Seven bicycles (on each leg)

8. Eight forward arm circles

9. Nine backward arm circles

10. Ten star jumps

11. Eleven high knees (on each leg)

12. Twelve burpees