4th H for Health Challenge 2023-2024

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Trackers Due to the County Office by September 15, 2023

What can your club members do to put the 4-H pledge into action! Complete the activities below, using the 4th H for Health tracker to show your club’s progress. 4-H’ers can complete the challenge as a club over the next 4-H year.

The four things we ask you to do with your club as the Healthy Living Officer are:

  1. Offer or promote water as the main
  2. Have a Movement Activity at a
  3. Offer or promote fruits and vegetables at 4-H
  4. Have 25% of your club participate in 5 4-H Healthy Living Challenges: (additional activities may arise to those listed below)
    1. National 4-H Week Walking Challenge (October)
    2. DE Goes Purple (October)
    3. Red Ribbon Week (October)
    4. Walk through the Holiday’s walking challenges (November & December)
    5. Drug Facts Week (March)
    6. 5K walk or run (anytime)
    7. Plogging (anytime)
    8. State Fair walking Challenge (July)

How to complete your tracker:

  • Color / Fill 5 clovers in the first three categories listed on the tracker page for each month your club completed this task.
  • For the 4th category, you must list the activity and number of club members participating.

Questions? Please contact Kaitlin Klair at kklair@udel.edu

4th H for Health Tracker (printable PDF)