4th H for Health

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4th H for Health

December Edition

Christmas Banana Snowmen


2 bananas

1/4 of a carrot

Handful of currants or sultanas chopped

3 strawberries

6 grapes

6 skewers



  1. Cut the bananas into thick slices (approx. 9 rounds per banana) –
  2. Peel the carrot and cut into small triangular slivers for a pointy nose –
  3. Trim the stem from the strawberries and then cut in half. You should get two hats out of each strawberry –
  4. Cut the grapes in half. (We only used the smooth half and ate the stem end) –
  5. To assemble, thread three slices of banana on to each skewer followed by a strawberry hat and grape half. Gently press the currents into the banana slices to create eyes and the buttons on the body then add the carrot nose



Bonus Activity:

Energizing Active Breaks

Do each activity for 20-30 seconds:

  1. Jog in place as if the abominable snowman is chasing you.
  2. Take steps in place as if you are snowshoeing
  3. Jump up and down as if you are chestnuts popping on a fire
  4. Reach up as if you are trying to grab the North Star
  5. Jump up as if are jumping into a pile if snow
  6. March in place as if you are a toy soldier
  7. Play the drums as if you are announcing winter solstice
  8. Swim as if you are a in a giant pool of eggnog
  9. Shake your body as if you are a wet Polar bear