4th H for Health

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Announcing 4-H Healthy Habits Website!

  • On this site we have compiled a variety of resources that can assist you for remote, hybrid, or live classroom socially-distanced learning!

  • Each of these resources are aligned to meet nutrition and physical education goals for your classroom!

  • You will find activities that can be used as: bell ringers, stand-alone activities, substitute activities, all the way to full curriculum options!

  • Looking for something else? We are constantly updating, so check back often for new resources and feel free to share feedback/request specific content on the Feedback page!

DE 4-H Virtual Healthy Habits website

March Edition


Over the Rainbow Fruit Kabobs:


-1 bunch Bananas

-1 pk Strawberries

-1 pk Raspberries

-1 Pineapple

-3 Clementines or Cantaloupe

-1 bunch Green Grapes

-1 pk Blueberries

– 1 pk Blackberries

– 1 pk Black Grapes

– 1 pk Kabob sticks

**You can substitute above listed fruit for other fruits of your liking if you would prefer



  1. Rinse strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blueberries, and blackberries in sink.
  2. Cut up strawberries, bananas, and pineapple. Make sure to peel clementines.
  3. Take one piece of each fruit and place on kabob stick



Environmental Health – Bonus

Is your room starting to get unorganized and things are all over the place? Well, this is the perfect time for you to declutter your space! Decluttering your space can help you focus your concentration on schoolwork, your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. This then sets you up for a room or workspace that can be used effectively.


March Challenge

Pick a drawer a day and clean it out by reorganize it and get rid of things that you have not used over the last 6 months or a year.