2022 Winter Workshops

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Saturday, February 19

NCC Office


Photography- FREE

9:30 am- 11 am

This photography workshop will be geared to intermediate/advanced picture taking.  We will first delve into STILL LIFE photos by using non-life objects centered around a common theme.  This will be a team exercise so that you can share your ideas and help each other.  The second area will deal with COMPOSITION – mainly texture, lines and shapes.  Both areas will be looked at in color and black and white.  If we have time we will also look at PATRIOTISM – something other than the flag.  Please bring your camera or phone as you will be taking the pictures.  Remember it’s never too early to start on your entries for the Delaware State Fair.

CS Pathways- FREE

12 pm- 2 pm

Please contact Jenny Trunfio for more info.

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