👨‍🍳 Favorite Foods/Foods Judging Recap

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to all our Favorite Foods participants and winners!

(Make sure to scroll all the way down for pictures from the event!)


Beginner Appetizer:

1st Place: Stella Vasko, Porter Gang

Beginner Side Dish

1st Place: Liam Aber, Holy Angels

Honorable Mention: Chase Oldis, Porter Gang

Beginner Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Karmyn Sposato, Bear

Honorable Mention: Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann

Beginner Cookies, Cupcakes & Brownies

1st Place: Claire Schaedler, Meado-Larks

Honorable Mention: Matthew Dooling, Stump Corner

Beginner Dessert

1st Place: Savannah Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Honorable Mention: McKenna Crook, Stump Corner

Junior Appetizers

1st Place: Vivian Carter, Summit Bridge

Honorable Mention: Tobi Tang, Meado-Larks

Junior Breads

1st Place: Emily Campbell, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Luka Vasko, Porter Gang

Junior Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Bruce Patrick, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Ava Raughley, Porter Gang

Junior Soups, Stew & Chili

1st Place: Daisy Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Junior Dessert

1st Place: Noah Everett, Stump Corner

Honorable Mention: Katie Campbell, Stump Corner

Senior Appetizers

1st Place: Halley Poe, Bear

Senior Meat & Main Dish

1st Place: Kyle Hill, Bear

Senior Side Dish

1st Place: Cole Simpson, Meado-Larks

Senior Dessert

1st Place: Sydney Pyle, Porter Gang


Link’s Adult Contest Winners

Jim Hill, Bear

Laura Timney, Heavenly Hooves

Ann-Marie Cochrane, Porter Gang



McKenzie Frank, Flock of Friends

Moira Jones, Flock of Friends

Reese Reed, Summit Bridge

Wallace Bonner, Flock of Friends

Michaela Patrick, Stump Corner

Anna Schaedler, Meado-Larks

Evelyn Witte, Porter Gang


Foods Judging Results

Senior Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest Results

  1. Noah Everett – Stump Corner
  2. Sydney Pyle – Porter Gang
  3. Cole Simpson – Meado-Larks
  4. Brandon Tang – Meado-Larks
  5. Halley Poe – Bear
  6. Kyle Hill – Bear
  7. Katie Campbell – Stump Corner


Junior Foods and Nutrition Judging Contest Results

  1. Tobi Tang, Meado-Larks

2. Caitlin Dooling, Stump Corner

3. Sophia Tuschinski, St. Ann

4. Logan Fagley, Summit Bridge

5. Molly Carrow, Stump Corner

6. Daisy Timney, Heavenly Hooves

7. Luka Vasko, Porter Gang

8. Stella Vasko, Porter Gang

9. Vivian Carter, Summit Bridge

10. Ava Raughley, Porter Gang