🎉State Fair Results🎉

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Congratulations to all our NCC 4-H members who submitted Fair entries and participated in Fair competitions! 

Judging Results:



Eason Li, Blue


Victoria Fuller, Blue

Addison Vitusky, Blue


Cole Simpson, Blue

Bruce Patrick, Blue

Clothing and Textiles:

Katie Campbell, Blue


Eason Li, Blue


Gabriel Trunfio, Blue

Matthew Trunfio, Blue


Anna Schaedler, Blue

Cole Simpson, Blue


Elizabeth Handlin, Blue

Victoria Fuller, Blue

Makayla Bradley, Blue

Sydney Phipps, Blue

Liam Phipps, Blue


Isabella Zurzolo, Blue

Elizabeth Handlin, Blue

Daisey Timney, Blue

Public Speaking:

Beginner (8-9):

Evelyn Witte, 1st pl.

Beginner (10-11):

Alexis Wolff, 3rd pl.


Melanie Witte, 2nd pl.

Talent Show:

Age 8-12 Talent Acts:

Evelyn Witte, 3rd pl.

Age 13-19 Talent Acts:

Eason Li, 3rd pl.

Matthew Trunfio, 4th pl.

Window Display:

Stump Corner, 1st pl.

Avian Bowl:

Clover Quest, 2nd pl.

Heavenly Hooves, 3rd pl.

Archery Competition:

Senior Recurve:

Emily Campbell, 9th pl.

Junior Compound:

Paige Green, 2nd pl.

Intermediate Compound:

Bruce Patrick, 9th pl.

Senior Compound:

Jacob Green, 1st pl.

Compact Tractor Driving:


Bruce Patrick, 1st pl.

Delaware 4-H Dropbox Entries:
Name Description Class Placing
Brandon Tang Digital Slide Show 162 1st
Eason Li Excel – Income and Expenses 78 1st
Liam Aber 4-H Project 82 1st
Liam Aber Digital Slide Show Junior 161 1st
Eason Li Digital Slide Show Senior 162 1st
Tobi Tang Digitial Slide Show Junior 161 1st
Tobi Tang 4 Seasons 155 1st
Tobi Tang 4-H Flyer 79 2nd
Tobi Tang Beginning to End 157 1st
Tobi Tang What Green Means to me 156 1st


Shooting Sports:

Savannah Timney, Blue Division Champion

Indoor Gardening:

Daisy Timney, Blue Division Champion

Healthy Food Selection:

Evelyn Witte, Blue Division Winner


Elizabeth Handlin, Blue Division Winner


Liam Aber, Blue Division Winner


Alexis Wolff, Blue Division Winner