Madeline Henrickson

Maddle Hentickson

Maddle Henrickson, Ph.D. Candidate

Madeline (Maddle) Henrickson earned a Bachelor of Science in Crop and Soil Sciences from Michigan State University in 2019. Maddle’s love of plant pathology began by observing white mold of soybeans at their family farm in Allegan, MI.  While on campus at MSU, Maddle worked in the Small Fruit and Hop Pathology lab for 4 years and completed three diverse industry-related internships in the areas of agronomy, research, and marketing.

Maddle’s doctoral research centers on Pythium in Delaware corn acreage with the objective of introducing integrated pest management approaches to the system. Maddle possesses a passion for science and agricultural communications, actively engaging in various extension activities. They aspire to collaborate closely with farmers and educate the future generations of growers after the completion of their PhD.

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