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Tag: 10-Day Accessibility Challenge

IT-ATS launches 10-Day accessibility challenge for faculty

Maintaining accessibility is the responsibility of everyone involved in editing, designing, developing, procuring, managing, and approving digital content. The university is organizing a 10-Day Accessibility Challenge pilot to help individuals learn simple ways to make their courses accessible in Canvas.

This challenge launches with a kick-off meeting and the first challenge on Monday, July 24, and concludes on Friday, August 4.  Participants will meet again to reflect on the experience and to congratulate their efforts.  Meetings are optional and will be held in person and via Zoom. 

Faculty can register to participate in the challenge here.

Additional resources

  1. Digital Accessibility for Higher Education Solutions Trusted By Leading Organizations: This website provides solutions for digital accessibility in higher education.
  2. Higher Education Accessibility Online Resource Center: This online resource center provides examples of digital accessibility policies, legal requirements, and links to accessibility standards and procurement policies.
  3. Digital Accessibility for All Learners: The Office of Educational Technology is working to develop policies and supports that provide a platform for learners with disabilities to be a part of the conversation.
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