Meet Robin Morgan, UD’s 11th Provost

Provost Robin Morgan at WVUD.The University of Delaware’s 11th provost, Robin Morgan, recently joined us on Campus Voices to share her vision for UD. The first woman to be the University’s provost proved to be a gracious, inspiring, and thought-provoking guest.

Along the way, Provost Morgan covered a wide range of topics: her interactions with faculty, deans, and President Assanis; balancing her job as the University’s chief academic officer with running her own lab; the importance of diversity, the value of inclusive excellence to the University; her experiences over 33 years at UD; and her plans for continuing to have UD excel in teaching, research, and impact on the region.

She commented that she loves how UD has grown yet still retained the “student first” flavor that helped draw her here as a junior faculty member. Even though the University has become a major research institution, she says that UD still feels like a community where “you’ll see someone you know when you walk across The Green.”

We don’t want to give out too many spoilers. Just listen to the interview linked below to hear Provost Morgan’s balanced approach to leading UD research and teaching efforts–and her message to UD students.

Listen to the Interview

Robin Morgan, recorded June 8, 2018, first aired June 21, 2018.

About our guest

Provost Robin Morgan (l) and Ally Delaney, A&S '19, (r) after completing their WVUD conversation.
Provost Robin Morgan (l) and Ally Delaney, A&S ’19, (r) after completing their WVUD conversation.

In 1985, Robin Morgan joined the University as an assistant professor of Animal and Food Sciences in UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She has a distinguished career as a teacher, scholar, and administrator and has held a variety of positions at the University, including Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and chair of the Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences. In October 2017, Professor Morgan was named interim Provost for the University, and in May 2018, she was named as the 11th Provost of the University of Delaware, effective July 1, 2018.

Allison Delaney: co-producer, co-host, audio editor
Richard Gordon: producer, co-host, web page author/editor, photographer (Provost Morgan in Studio)
Peter Bothum: photographer (Provost Morgan posing with Allison Delaney)