UD Engineers without Borders: Making a difference in Malawi and the Philippines

Children excited by new well during UD EWB Malawi projectThe UD chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB) offers exciting opportunities to UD students to apply their classroom learning to solve real problems in impoverished communities around the globe.

As the UD chapter’s website says, it’s an organization that is “ENGAGING THE WORLD. EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES. ENGINEERING THE FUTURE.

In this year’s Campus Voices interview, Natalie Muneses, Rebecca Huber, and Noah Kennedy discussed the current UD EWB projects in Malawi and the Philippines and how UD faculty, staff, students, and alumni support the projects. Both of UD EWB’s current projects are water projects. Rebecca told us about how the Malawi project has helped several communities find water and develop infrastructure to deliver water to the communities. Natalie told us how the Philippines project is providing clean water to a community–her grandparents’ village!

Check out this interview in which Noah, Rebecca, and Natalie talk about the people they’ve met, the difference the UD EWB projects have made in community lives, and the things they’ve learned about developing and implementing long-term engineering projects.

Listen to the interview

Engineers without Borders (2018), recorded April 2, 2018, first aired April 12, 2018.

Allison Delaney: co-host, producer, audio editor
Richard Gordon: co-host, supervising producer, audio engineer, web page author
Photos of the UD EWB Malawi project courtesy of the EWB website.