Microbes: Friends or Foes?

This week on Campus Voices, we were visited by Dr. Jen Biddle, an associate professor in UD’s College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment. We learned about what microbes are and how they affect a lot of our daily lives, even if we are unaware of them at times.

Dr. Biddle shared her experiences gathered from the depths of the ocean, and enlightened us on the ways in which microbes adapt to the world and their environments. Jen also explained how microbes can be our very best friends and help humans with many different things, but can also be dangerous to people.

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Jen Biddle: Microbes — Friends of Foes? Recorded March 14, 2018; Aired April 5, 2018
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About our guest

Dr. Jen Biddle loves the smallest form of critters in the ocean: microbes. She is very experienced in her field of marine sciences, as she has done deep ocean dives with Alvin, and conducts research about microbes in ocean sediment. As a professor at the University of Delaware, she teaches classes in marine biology and relays information creatively to her students, such as teaching with sunflower seeds and referring to certain species as zombies.

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